Initial Thoughts: Boundaries

I’ve picked up a new book. I’m a chapter into it.

It’s so easy to forget first impressions once they’ve progressed into fully developed opinions. So I’m pausing to share my thoughts on the book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.

Someone I really respect encouraged me to read this book. She recommended it in response to a discussion we had in which I shared my tendency to take on more commitments than I can handle (due to my woeful inability to say “no”).

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Word of the Year – 2018

Early last year, I came up with the idea for a New Years tradition.

By the twentieth of January, each new year, I would like to decide on a word – a concept, virtue, spiritual fruit or biblical command – that will be for me a theme over the next 345 days.

Or perhaps it won’t really be a theme. Jessica and I have bounced some thoughts off each other about it, and apart from God’s direction, I don’t think I can just think of a word and live off it (spiritually) for the rest of the year. To do so would mean to try to manufacture inspiration for myself when I don’t feel inspired or when God may want to teach me something different.

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Relationships and the Stella Family

Last month, I re-reviewed an invaluable piece of beta feedback that touched on the character of Louise Stella from my novel, Isolated.

This beta reader suggested that Louise wasn’t exactly a likable person (and being the main character of the story, she ought to be). I agree! She’s quite frankly a proud character and it doesn’t usually come across as pleasant.

This reader went on to give me excellent advice regarding how to fix the problem: give more glimpses into Louise’s relationships. Show her part in the family. Show her caring for them and them caring for her. (This reminded me of a particular blog series I’ve been reading, the first post being this one.)

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Isolated Available for Pre-Order

The last three days have not been the regular “day in the life of Jordy.” I’ve been reading the Terms and Conditions of Amazon and familiarizing myself with relevant legal jargon. I’m happy to say that after much reading, scrolling, reading and consulting relevant help pages, I finally submitted Isolated to Amazon in ebook form. It is now available for pre-order.


Avid Amazon users, correct me if I’m wrong, but that means that Kindle users can click to “buy” Isolated now. However, your card won’t be charged until the release date, the 11th of September. You also won’t receive the ebook immediately. Instead, you can continue on with life and the book will appear in your Kindle library on the release date. That said, I don’t have a Kindle device or library of my own, so some of you may well know better than me.

This has been an exciting few days for me. As at the end of any season, good or bad, I can look back and say God is faithful.

Let me know

  • Do you own a Kindle device?
  • Ebook or hard copy?
  • Where do you like to shop for books, regardless of the format?

Change the Way You Compare

We don’t usually think we’re evil people. You and I don’t tend to feel we’ve done anything outrageous. It may be that we’ve said some mean things to our siblings, but by the end of the day, we remind them that we love them. And while we may have failed to keep some promises, we did drive ourselves to exhaustion trying.

This is a really common argument. I was struck by it once again when I read a message online. Someone said something to the extent that if hell exists, it is reserved only for truly evil people. As I read it, it seemed to me like the emphasis was on the unspoken “not you and me.”

This mindset that you and I are essentially good – that we don’t deserve anything so severe as eternal punishment in hell – comes from comparing ourselves to each other.

On the scale of human virtue, we are so far above Hitler, terrorists, and human traffickers that “comparing” hardly seems like the right term. It’s a no-brainer; of course we’re good! We’re practically innocent!

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