Isolated in Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The reader in you may not find as much satisfaction in viewing pictures as in reading a novel… but I hope you’ll enjoy this visual teaser about my novella, Isolated.

Below are twenty-three pictures from the stock photo websites (not mine) – one to represent each chapter. So here’s my 23’000 word story in pictures:

Fun fact: the manuscript is actually 30’863 words long at this point in time. That makes for an average of 1’342 words per chapter. You be the judge: do each of the following pictures successfully fill the shoes of 1’342 words?

Chapter One:


(from – I don’t have rights to the full image, hence the watermarks.)

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What About the Norm? (When Things Go Wrong – Part One)

Then Louise’s mind changed gears. She thought of her parents and little sister. Are they in danger? She teetered on the verge of concern then decided otherwise. They’re the ones who should be worried. Do they even know that someone took me hostage? They should have been there for me. A knot formed at the back of her throat. Tears of hostility burned her eyes. Their God… Just when her heartbeat had begun to slow, it pulsed faster again – this time with anger. Their God should have been there for me.

-Excerpt from Isolated, subject to change in final revisions

Louise is the young protagonist in my novella, Isolated. Though she wouldn’t admit them to others, she has some strong ideas about this God, the God of her parents and sister, the God of the Bible.

She herself doesn’t love Him, serve Him or even believe in Him. But assuming an all-loving God truly did exist, shouldn’t He have protected her from her kidnappers? If an all-powerful God really did oversee the affairs of the world, shouldn’t He have intervened? If this God truly was concerned with justice and capable of executing it, why didn’t He?

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Shoutout to the Cover Designer

As of yesterday, there were exactly four months remaining until the publish date of Isolated. Let’s celebrate with some themed content.

On May 1st, I unveiled the working cover of Isolated. If you look closely at the back half, you will see a watermark in the bottom corner:


This is the signature of the skilled designer, Michelle Rene, founder of Mundus Media Ink – the artist responsible for my cover design.

Here’s my shoutout to someone who has patiently and persistently worked with me, first to create the design, then to tweak it over and over to bring it in line with my vision. Not only is Michelle the designer of my book covers, but also of my website graphics. Does this next image look familiar?

Cross Two.png

She designed my header, too.

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Announcing Hiatus

All you dear readers, I’ve decided to go on Hiatus for the month of April. This idea was inspired by Kellyn Roth (you can read her post here). Through her words, I realized two things:

  • Hiatuses can come in a variety of forms. They can mean the complete absence of the blogger for a time, or they can be more… creative
  • Though the rest that comes with hiatuses is valuable on its own, they can have other purposes.

With these two things in mind, let me introduce you to my plan.

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Review: The Mystery of the Midnight Trespasser

The Mystery of the Midnight Trespasser
The Mystery of the Midnight Trespasser by Hosanna Emily

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Mystery of the Midnight Trespasser was #1 on my “to-read” list for quite some time. I finally got it sent to me, and what a perfect birthday present!

The mystery spun in this novella begins when Emily Kessler sights an intruder on her family’s land in the middle of a dark and stormy night. Middle-schoolers, in particular, will enjoy the fast-moving plot and pleasant characters.

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(Discuss) Legalism

I’ve been greatly enjoying three different discussions about witnessing lately; which I plan to talk a bit more about this Saturday. In one of these discussions, I got to talking with Hannah from Becoming Lost about a particular video accessible on YouTube. Near the end (34:38), Leslie Ludy talks about “legalism”.

Depending on your past encounters with this word and the baggage of unique experiences that you carry, you may very well define legalism different than the next person.

Leslie Ludy’s point is that the enemy wants us to throw away devotion and commitment to Christ under the banner of “legalism”.

So legalism is often… used as an excuse not to be more devoted to Christ?

I see how this has been true in my own life – that I’ve justified my lesser devotion to Christ reasoning that if I deepened my commitment, it would become legalism.

I also see that legalism was a very real problem in the early Church, even though it doesn’t use that word. Just look at the first part of Galatians 3, for example.

So let’s discuss it together.

Is legalism ever a problem? When? How can we distinguish devotion from legalism?

Is legalism an issue in your life?

On the other hand, have you ever dismissed devotion under the banner of legalism?

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(Discuss) Witnessing

Recently, two of my friends blogged about “witnessing”. Hosanna’s post and Hannah’s post are both challenging in the best sort of way. I hope that they will move you to thought.

I don’t claim to be any sort of an expert on witnessing. But for the benefit of anyone reading this who may not have heard the term used in this context before, witnessing is when a born-again child of God shares with others what Jesus did for them (ie. saving them from their state of total depravity and damnation) and how it is most definitely relevant to whoever they’re sharing with.

Strictly speaking, I don’t know if witnessing is limited to telling a person this Good News directly, or if it includes “being a good witness” by living out the change He has made such that all may see. Perhaps this is something we can discuss below.

This is an open discussion for both Christians and ‘not-a-Christian’s. All are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join in.

If you want some prompts, consider these questions:

Has someone ever witnessed to you? How do you feel about witnessing? Have you ever witnessed to anyone? Should Christians witness? Why or why not?

But the conversation is by no means limited to these questions. In fact, feel free to ask questions of your own and respond to other readers’ comments.

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