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“I’ve loved to write since I was a little girl.” Hmm… clichéd at all? A little overused, maybe? I just couldn’t think of another phrase that hit the spot more squarely. My earliest set memory of writing is of a seven-year-old me pushing my pencil along the lines of an exercise booklet, writing about a boy who befriended a crocodile and discovered a secret world behind a waterfall. Indeed, I created all sorts of exciting worlds, compelling plots and intriguing characters. My surroundings disappeared around me as I delved into my creations.

But time and time again, I discarded my stories in pursuit of a fresher and “better” idea. I thrived on the initial excitement, but as soon as it burned out, I lacked the motivation to press on. Writing was a mere hobby.

Meanwhile, my parents taught me that God could use my gifts – gifts being the skills and passions that He gave me – to honor Him. Did writing count? I didn’t know if it could be considered my gift since I never finished anything. But just in case, I started to write stories with this lesson in mind, wanting to portray the beauty of God’s true nature. If writing was my gift – even remotely – then I wanted God to use it. Still, my stories continued to fall by the wayside.

And the years went by

Then I was fifteen. One night, I had a dream and shared it with a friend. As is the case with most dreams, the logic barely held together, but somehow, my friend saw potential in the plot. She suggested that I write a book about it. I worked on my new project half-heartedly, not expecting to finish it. A few times, I gave up, then found the file on my computer weeks or months later, and picked it up again.

Much to my surprise, this simple project became my first completed manuscript. After I typed the last word and topped it off with “the end”, I skipped around the kitchen island. Perhaps writing was my gift after all.

The point being

Since that day, my desire to honor God with my writing grew. Unless my books have an eternal impact on the souls of my readers, they will all be for nothing. You will read them, just like you’ve read innumerable others, then move on unchanged. That said, I also want my plots to be intensely compelling. In short:

As a writer, my mission is to quench your desire for compelling fiction while nourishing your soul with wholesome truth.

It’s been over a year since I finished the first draft of that novella. My manuscript has been edited by myself many times as well as by an editor. There’s work to be done before it hits the shelves, but it’s still going strong. If you would like to be among the first to know when it’s published, click the following link:

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