As an author, my mission is to write compelling YA suspense fiction that promotes good values and God’s truth.

Here you are at jordyleigh.com, the online home of my blog, portal to my books, and safe place for you to interact with me. I’ve considered renaming my website “Knowing God More,” or  “Seeking Truth, Finding God,” – anything that more directly bears His Name – not mine.

But the truth is, I fear I’m a poor representation of Him. How often do I write something that misses the mark of His truth, even if I mean well?

It’s a glum thought. But praise God we don’t need to dwell there. By His grace, the Lord is constantly conforming me to the image of His Son and that’s worth praising Him for.

In the meantime, you and I both would do well to remember that anything I write on this corner of the internet called jordyleigh.com is my best understanding of the Word of God, but is not itself a Word from God. For that, you’ll have to go to the Bible. Now there’s writing worth quoting!