As a writer, my mission is to quench your desire for compelling fiction while nourishing your soul with wholesome truth.

We read to feel.

We also read to learn, but when we choose fiction, it’s generally to feel. Suspense… the beat of the heart… walking a mile in another person’s shoes – crawling a mile in them if we have to… being pulled by our heartstrings into the heat of the moment. This is feeling.

We feel strongest when the story is compelling. The descriptions must be vivid. The stakes must be high. The characters must be relatable.

As a writer, my goal is to provide you with books that hook you from the start – a plot that compels you and a character that you connect with. This sets the stage for you to feel alongside him or her.

And that’s where the wholesome truth comes in.

Over the course of each of my stories, the main character feels, learns and grows. You’ll feel, learn and grow alongside them – that’s the idea, anyway. Most importantly, you’ll learn about God’s character and about living a life that honors Him.

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