The Best Thing Since Isolated on Kindle

Birthdays, anniversaries, reunionsthey’re all celebrations of special events from the past. Any celebration is an opportunity to remember that all good things come from the Lord.

I’m celebrating something today. One year ago, I published Isolated on Amazon.

I learnedas I’m sure all serious self-published authors dothat publication is a comma in this venture. The writing, editing, and formatting give way to the process of making the book available in multiple formats, through multiple retailers, and of marketing it.


I’m still in a time of trial and error. I’m investigating and investing in new areas for book distribution and marketing and I don’t expect to reap the benefits for a bit more time yet. But in the meantime, I’m so thankful to the Lord who has given me a context of stability and support through my parents in which to test the waters and spread my wings. It’s one of the many ways He’s expressed His grace to me through this process.

Now, what is this ‘best thing since Isolated on Kindle’? That is, what’s the best thing since its initial publication?

In celebration of one year of Isolated, I’m excited to announce that it is now available in paperback form on Amazon.

If you’re like me and you prefer to hold the physical thing in your hands, to flip through the pages, to smell the paper, and to slip it onto the nightstand at the end of the day, you can now order such a copy of Isolated here.

If you want to be reminded of what Isolated about—or if you’re new here and have never gotten a feel for it in the first place, you can get the best experience through its full-color landing page here.

Well, readers. Friends. That’s it from me for today. Regardless of what time this post finds you at, may you have a wonderful morning or evening in the joy of the Lord.


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