Let’s Pray for Each Other

This is the third post draft I’ve worked on in the past two hours. I really wanted to publish something on the blog today, but my mind is restless. I’m not in a secure place where I can write anything too significant about God or His Word today. I mean, I can always affirm that He’s good and know that it’s absolutely true. But I wouldn’t be at peace to share anything much more elaborate.


So instead, I want to take this opportunity to reach out and ask how I might pray for you – in as much or as little detail as you care to share. It’s a beautiful thing that we, as  members of the body of Christ, get to join hands in our work and in our rest. What is on your mind these days? What is on your agenda?

As for me, please pray for clarity from the Lord about the blog posts I drafted and why I’m not at peace about sharing either of them.

Sincerely in the love of Christ,


4 thoughts on “Let’s Pray for Each Other

  1. Hello Jordy, although this comment isn’t a prayer request, know that your post was encouraging to me! This week, I realized how I’ve been lacking in the area of praying for others and how it ultimately stems from selfishness. As God showed me that, I’ve been striving to switch my focus. It’s such a precious thing to pray for others and intercede on their behalf. Thank you for emphasizing that through this post. Dear friend, I am praying for you today as you sleep. ❤


    1. Sometimes the Lord surprises me by what He chooses to use. This time, it was a plan C blog post a quater the size of what I usually write that came out of an unsettled heart. I’m praying for you too, dear friend. You didn’t share a request here, but you shared how I could pray for you last time we chatted. 🙂 Thank you for praying for me, too. Indeed it’s such a privillege!


  2. Ah, I relate to the restless mind situation – that’s been me too, especially when it comes to blogging recently. Except, you haven’t let it stop you from posting, so good on you! I’ll be praying you’re able to find rest of mind in Him, and direction for your post drafts. xx


    1. Sorry Jess! I completely missed this comment from you! As the Lord brings you to mind, I’ll pray for you, too, dear friend. A restless mind isn’t a comfortable place to be, is it? But I trust that He can redeem and use it to shape us. Thanks for dropping a word here. It’s always lovely to hear from you.

      Also, I see you recently published a post. I’ll have to check it out when I get an appropriate window of time. I wonder if you posted it because you felt more inspired, or if you still felt restless but posted it anyway.


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