You Are Invited – ARC Reading for Me

Hi there, dear reader!

On Thursday, I shared my thoughts on ARC reading—the perfect setup for today’s post.

I actually wasn’t scheming this all along. It just happened that I was ARC reading for another author (review to come) when I was incited, through some marketing brainstorming, to put together my own “Advance Team.” So my thoughts were trained on ARC reading in two separate channels. And this week, they just came together perfectly.

But before I present you with your invitation, let me unveil something that subscribers to my monthly roundups have already seen. My new cover for Isolated:


For those of you who read the book, I’d love to know if you think it suits!

Now, let me explain in more comprehensive terms what I mean when I talk about inviting you to join my “Advance Team.”

Advance Team

To my roundups subscribers, sorry this is a lot of old news. However, the infographic is now clickable and will take you to the signup form.

If you’re wanting to read the ARC of Mandated later this year but are put off because you’ve never read Isolated, don’t let that discourage you. When the time comes for me to send ARCs of Mandated to my Advance team, I’ll probably send Isolated right along with it.

Again, if you want to take me up on my invitation, the link is here.

Connect with me?

  • What are your thoughts on the new cover design for Isolated? What section of the bookstore can you see it being placed in?
  • Have you been on another author’s “Advance Team” or equivalent before? Was it a positive or negative experience?
  • I’ve been missing writing bible-based posts here; have you missed reading them? What thoughts and feelings have you been processing with the Lord recently? I’ve been thinking with Him about joy and am considering posting on that next week.

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