Up Next: Millie Keith #1 and #2

I’ve turned the last page of pilgrim’s progress. It was the end of a good book which I think the Lord was pleased to use in my heart and life. I hope to share a review soon, together with some final thoughts inspired by the words of John Bunyan. In the meantime, let me disclose the next book on my to-read list, which I’ve already begun.

Apparently Martha Finley’s Millie Keith series, together with her other Life of Faith series’, a really well-known in some circles. Originally published in the 1800s, these books have been adapted for pre-teens and young teens of our day. Each series follows the life of a character and her walk with God.


I heard of Martha Finley’s books for the first time a couple of years ago and read Millie’s Unsettled Season. Fast-forward a bit and I now have books one to four. I’m looking forward to re-reading Millie’s Unsettled Season and then the three next books in the series of eight.

Though I’ve passed the age range of the intended audience, I haven’t yet outgrown my appreciation for solid, God-glorifying books of the genre. The simplicity and steadfastness to God’s Word appeal to me. I’m going into these next few reads anticipating being refreshed.

(The first two books are photographed below. Lord willing, I’ll read them this month, and post some sort of an update before I move on to books three and four.)

What are you reading  – or about to read? 


4 thoughts on “Up Next: Millie Keith #1 and #2

  1. I read Jesseca Wheaton’s books – Question of Honor and Question of Loyalty – last week and loved them. I also read I Don’t Dance by her and enjoyed it.
    I have a couple of books I want to read but I haven’t started one yet


    1. I think I’Ve heard of all three of those books by Jessica Wheaton. The first two – aren’t they set during one of the world wars and romantic by genre? I’d love to know what you thought and whether you’d recommend the author.


  2. Oh, the Millie books are some of my absolute favorites! No matter what age, they just are so relatable and encouraging. I hope you enjoy the series as much as I have…. now I want to go re-read them again. =) Beautiful pictures, also!

    I have a couple books I’ve been reading for quite a while now- I need to find the time to finish them, and start reading more. I did just finish Keira by Kate Willis…. it was very good. xx


    1. I love it when people wholeheartedly appreciate a book like you seem to appreciate the Millie books. As for Kiera by Kate Willis, I’ve seen it around on Goodreads, perhaps *your* Goodreads status. Goodreads is great for knowing what others are reading and getting ideas… but I love even better to hear it in a comment like yours. It seems so much more personal. 🙂


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