The Ultimate Writer Tag – Part Two

Hi, dear readers! This post is out a bit late due to my computer being at the repair shop yesterday. Now I’m back and running again!

I’m doing the Ultimate Writer Tag. Thanks, Emily, for inviting me to join in. You can see my part one here, in which I answered questions one to eight. I’ll post the tag rules again, then answer the remaining questions.

The rules

  • Link back to the writer who tagged you.
  • Answer all of the questions, including the “Ultimate Writer Question”.
  • Make up your own “Ultimate Writer Question”.
  • Tag as many writers as you’d like.


9 – What are your favorite writing snacks?

Um, water? I don’t listen to music while I write and neither do I snack. Apparently, my writing habits are minimal.

10 – What is your favorite place to write?

Anywhere new. Most often I write on my bedroom floor, lying on my belly or with my back leaned against my bed. But it’s fun to shake it up a bit. My favorite place that I’ve ever worked on a manuscript was in a single-file motorboat, traveling on a river.

11 – What is your favorite time to write? At what time do you write the best?

Without hesitation the morning. My best hours are between 7:00am and 9:00am – or sometimes earlier.

12 – What are your favorite famous authors/writers?

C.S Lewis – easy. I also really enjoyed The Pilgrim’s Progress, but I haven’t read anything else by John Bunyan, so I don’t know yet whether it’s just that book or if I’ve discovered a new favorite writer.

13 – What/who inspires you to keep writing?

The joy and thrill that writing brings definitely compels me. This is reminiscent of my answer to question two. It’s incredible to think that the Lord created us capable of imagining original thoughts, developing them into riveting stories, and articulating them through words on a page. More amazing still, this is something I can use to honor Him!

14 – How do you find inspiration? Where do you find inspiration?

Sometimes I’m inspired by situations around me coupled with a “what if” question. Sometimes I remember fragments of a dream. I’ve never written biblical historical fiction, but I’ve had many ideas for stories set in Old Testament Israel which arise from reading the books of the Law.

15 – Who are your writing buddies?

More often than not, I write alone. But by first name, my “writing buddies” with whom I discuss and share progress and inspiration include Alison, Ariane, Aryanne, Hosanna, and Jackie.

Emily’s Ultimate Writer Question: What do you do when you’re ready to just give up on your WIP because of writer’s block?

I can’t remember ever encountering this problem. I’ve given up Works in Progress in the past when a newer, more exciting idea has taken its place, but not because of writer’s block. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced writer’s block – at least not to the point where I’ve wanted to give up on my WIP.

My Ultimate Writer Question: Describe your competences with presentions and conversations. Does the spoken word come just as naturally to you are the written word?

I Tag…

Any writer whose interest has been piqued by one or more of these questions. If you do the tag, please comment and let me know so that I can check it out.


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