The Ultimate Writer Tag

Emily from A Purpose and a Promise once did a tag on her blog called The Ultimate Writer Tag. I wasn’t exactly tagged in it, haha, but she did say in the comments that I could feel free to do it. More than a year later, I’ve stumbled upon this post draft in my blog editor, and here I am today to bring it to light.


  • Link back to the writer who tagged you (That would be Emily. Thanks Emily!)
  • Answer all of the questions, including the “Ultimate Writer Question”.
  • Make up your own “Ultimate Writer Question”.
  • Tag as many writers as you’d like.


1 – When did you first begin writing?

I want to say before I can remember. My first memory of most crude “writing” was when, as a six-year-old (I think), I wrote a four-page, illustrated booklet with a sentence or two per page and for which I relied heavily on my mom for help

2 – What are the best things (pros) about writing?

It’s an expression of the creative capacity and communication abilities that God granted us as creatures made in His image. It’s not every day that I stop to consider this thought, but when I do, it far outweighs any other writing pro.

3 – What are the worst things (cons) about writing?

Like so many good things, writing carries the potential to distract and distance me from God if it becomes all-consuming. This is more of a problem with the human hear than with writing, and yet it’s what I would consider to be the worst thing about writing.

4 – What is your favorite thing to write? (novels, stories, poems, etc.)

Novellas. Or sometimes snippets of novels for which I get a flash of inspiration but don’t fully flesh out because I’m already too busy with my current works in progress.

5 – What is your favorite genre of writing?

I love reading theology books, historical fiction of the Bible times and contemporary fiction with a solid message. Currently, I’m most captivated by Puritan literature. My favorite genre to write would be YA suspense.

6 – What are your favorite writing resources?

Great question! My most frequently used resource is Google! I search “define limp” for example, and use the built-in dictionary function to explore various word usages, synonyms, and antonyms. Sometimes I use And I have a handful of writing blogs that I keep going back to.

7 – Do you like writing in guy’s POV or girl’s POV?

Girls’. It comes more naturally.

8 – What is your favorite music to listen to while writing?

I don’t make a habit of listening to music while I write. Though I went through a phase where I would listen to forest noise soundtracks to get me into the environment that I was writing about.


There are 7 more questions in this tag, but I’m going to break there and pick the post back up with the second half. This will include the “Ultimate Writer Question.” Find out what that is next time I post… or, you know, just go check out Emily’s post and find out that way. 😉


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Writer Tag

  1. I loved seeing your answers to these questions! I had completely forgotten about this tag, haha, but that’s great you decided to do it… I had hoped you would! Looking forward to the next part… xx


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