Quote From Isolated

Yes, Isolated is YA suspense. I try to pack my stories with edge-of-your-seat plot twists. But it’s not all scares and woes, either. The quote I want to share with you comes from a euphoric scene. Of all the scenes in Isolated that make me beam inside whenever I edit or re-read them, this one probably ranks second.

This quote is removed from its context and won’t have its full impact, but nonetheless, here it is:

isolated-quote01(Credit for the original photo goes to Annie Spratt from Unsplash.com)

If I’ve peeked your interest in my novella, Isolated, and you’ve never heard of it before or been compelled to look into, you can learn more about it here.

  • What do you think – are jubilant scenes necessary in the suspense genre to break the tension, or are they a nice addition but not imperative? Or are they completely out of place?
  • Do you have a favorite victorious, blissful, or otherwise glorious scene?
  • Have you read Isolated? If you haven’t, can you guess what might have made Louise so optimistic this particular morning?

4 thoughts on “Quote From Isolated

  1. Ooo I remember that scene!
    I think in suspense it’s good to have breaks from the full on suspense. The suspense is interesting but moments like those give you a different glimpse of the character.


  2. That’s such a lovely snippet! And I’d have to agree that brief glimpses from another angle are welcome in most suspense stories… I think it does enhance the story to see another perspective on occasion. xx


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