Reblogged: Puritan Study

I expected to enjoy Pilgrim’s Progress. My reading experience, however, has far exceeded my expectations.

The text is oozing with rich Christian allegory. The book has stimulated my desire to be a faithful and devoted servant of the Most High God. I can’t think how else to describe the reading experience but that it’s been glorious! And it’s kindled in me a desire to read more literature like It.


I stumbled across a blog post about puritan literature. If you’re like me you’ll have to look up the term “puritan.” I found this article to be very helpful. If I were to sum up the definition of puritan according to my understanding, I would say the term describes people from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries who is esteemed God’s Word highly and stuck to it unwaveringly (or as unwaveringly as a man can). They continued the movement started in the Reformation. Listen to this quote (which I read on the post I’m about to reblog):

In thought and outlook they were radically God-centered. Their appreciation of God’s sovereign majesty was profound, and their reverence in handling his written word was deep and constant.

-J.I Packer

I want to be described like that.

John Bunyan was listed as one of the Puritans. Pilgrim’s Progress is his most well-known work. The post I’m about to link to is the first in a series which promises to help its readers build a library of similar literature. I admit I may be sharing this prematurely in my excitement; I’ve only read the first post in the series. But I do look forward to reading the others and exploring my options of puritan literature I may read in the future.

Without further ado, this is this post:

The Puritan Study (Part 1) The Delights and Pains of a Puritan Study – written by Tony Reinke at

Once you’ve checked it out (if you feel so inclined), or even if you don’t read the article, I’d be interested in knowing whether you’ve read Pilgrim’s Progress or some other puritan literature and what kind of taste it left in your mouth. Do you care to share your experience with me?


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