Up Next: The Journey of a Cambodian Cowboy

A couple of days ago, I posted about a meet-up with an author. I bought a copy of his book, and he gave me an additional copy, signed. Now let me introduce you to the next book on my reading list.


The journey of a Cambodian Cowboy is autobiographical. Published and printed in parallel languages – Khmer (Cambodian) and English – it tells of how author Yon Roeury made the journey from an impoverished background and family to achieve his dreams in the city.

This book is poorly designed in the eyes of mainstream book enthusiasts, but in developing Cambodia, being published is a huge and rare achievement. I’m expecting this to be a personal read. Not many will identify with the story, but being part of life in Southeast Asia – even as a foreigner – I’m looking forward to reading it.

I’m also curious to learn about the worldview of someone who comes from a poor and godless background. How do they define success? What hope do they hold onto in the face of trials? I hope The Journey of a Cambodian Cowboy will help me to engage better in conversations about Christ.

What are you reading – or about to read?


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