Quote from Mandated 2

I’m popping in very briefly to share with you second quote from mandated. Yes, it’s another chasing scene.


(Credit for the original photo goes to Bartoszj Jan from Unsplash.com)

  • Do chasing scenes get old? What keeps them fresh?
  • What is the best chasing scene you’ve read?
  • Who do you think this “black pursuer” is?

2 thoughts on “Quote from Mandated 2

  1. I like the quote!
    There’s often chasing scenes in books but I think that if well written they are enjoyable to read.
    I’m not sure what’s the best chasing scene I’ve ever read… I’ve read so many books it’s hard to keep them straight. What about you?


    1. Yes, I’m sure it’s hard to keep scenes straight in your mind after having read so much! They probably blur together in your mind after a while. I think part of what makes a book “good” is that it stands out from the others. Can you think of a book (if not a specific scene) that has done that for you? Or is it more a matter of how recently you read it?

      Hmm, now I have to answer my own question. 😉

      Three chasing scenes came to mind and they’re hard to compare. (1)A scene in the book ‘The Giver,’ in which the chasee is fleeing his community and being searched for by helicopters. (2)A scene in one of the kids Left Behind books (I forget which) in which the chasee is also running and hiding from search helicopters. (3)A scene in This Present Darkness in which the chasee is fleeing in a rough terrain vehicle from her chasers in another vehicle down a rocky, dangerous slope. The first scene stands out for having the highest stakes (the rescuing of an entire dystopian community). The second scene is the furthest back in my memory and very foggy, but I remember it because that’s when I learned the word, “pursue.” The third scene I mentioned stands out for its unique setting. To narrow it down from three to one, my favorite is probably the first one I mentioned.


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