Louise the Introvert

I realize there are mixed feelings about personality tests.

Regardless of whether or not they accurately describe you and me, I’ve found them to be a unique writer’s tool that makes character development come alive.

I took the 16 personalities test (based on the widely-known Myers-Briggs theory) on behalf of Louise Stella, the protagonist of Isolated and its sequels. This is her personality profile according to this particular test:

Louise's Results

Unless you’re familiar with this test, the above snapshot might not mean much. So if you would like to embark on this little journey with me, I thought it could be fun to explore the various terms and definitions of given by the people behind 16 Personalities and see whether or not they accurately describe Louise.

Let’s skip down to the first of the five bars – the one that reads “Introverted.”

Louise’s profile says she’s 78% introverted and 22% extroverted.

Here’s what the official website has to say about introverted individuals:

Let’s consider a couple of practical examples. Our research shows that Introverts are significantly more likely to report being sensitive to noise and bright colors, and they also strongly prefer simplicity and minimalism in their environment (especially if their Introversion is coupled with the Thinking trait). Likewise, they do not seek or require much external stimulation – while communicating with other people is the most obvious example of such stimulation, this concept also extends to things like hobbies, political attitudes and even eating or drinking habits. For instance, Introverts are more likely to dislike coffee and energy drinks.


Okay. Let’s see how Louise measures up.

  • Yes, she’s sensitive to noise. She’s not necessarily sensitive to bright colors, though she is sensitive to too many colors (bright or otherwise), busy patterns, and visual clutter. Her favorite types of colors are pastels.
  • Yes, she prefers simplicity and minimalism in her environment. Everything must have its place.
  • True, she doesn’t seek or require much external stimulation. This is very apparent in her life with regards to communication. She doesn’t seek out various hobbies (she’s a rather devout reader) and she doesn’t follow politics (or pop culture). Sometimes she wonders, but in the end, she’s quite content in her own world.
  • It’s also true that Louise dislikes coffee, and she just never got into energy drinks as she’s never been around them. Her favorite “special” drink is lemonade, but she’s quite content with fresh, cold water (topped with ice).

You can read the rest of the information about introversion and extroversion according to this model here.

Let’s Talk

  • Are you into personality tests? Where do you stand on them?
  • Did you read the full page on introversion and extroversion? You may have noticed that they explain things without God in the picture. How does the presence of God in life relate to introversion and extroversion?
  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • What’s your favorite drink?

12 thoughts on “Louise the Introvert

  1. It was fun to get to know Louise some!
    I’m probably more of a ambivert… though a little more introvert than extrovert. While I can be outgoing sometimes with my friends and talkative I can wear out easily of people and feel the need to recharge.
    Favorite drink? Oh I’m not sure. I mean water is pretty necessary so I like water but I also drink other things like juice, milk, and I do like coffee as long as it’s a little sweet :).
    Great post!


    1. I guess ambivert is when you’re right around the 50/50 line. That seems well balanced! You might not know what it feels like to just want to crawl away to a solitary corner after a stimulating day. Or maybe you do.

      Thanks for your comment, Sarah!


      1. Well, I say ambivert but it’s not exactly 50/50…. I can be energetic sometimes with my friends and talkative but after a long day I just want to curl up in bed and as I put it am “peopled out”.
        What about you? I know you’re an introvert but am wondering if any extrovertness fits into that?


      2. I’ve heard someone say “peopled out” before, and I thought it was cute. 🙂 Actually, it sounds like you’re really well balanced in that regard and appreciate both “people time” and “quiet time” each in their own proper timing.

        I get a lot of people time in this season of life since I work at a café. And at the end of the day, I usually go home to eat with my family who is often hosting a large team of short-term missionaries to Cambodia. I probably notice my introverted-ness more because of the strain of this lifestyle, but it really causes me to lean more heavily on the Lord in order to step out and make an effort to proactively engage with people rather than wait for everyone else to offer the first smile or the first “hello.”

        Do you live a life that is full of lots of people or relatively quiet? Do you meet lot’s of new people, or mostly the same familiar faces, and does that have any effect on how quickly you become “peopled out”?


    2. Well, while I have several friends who are introverts or quiet then I also have several friends who are very loud and outgoing :). So sometimes after being around a lot of people for a while that’s when I feel peopled out.
      I’m not around large groups of people 24/7 though.


  2. Wow, Jordy, did you know that Louise’s personality is “the same” as mine? That makes me stop and think, because Louise faces many struggles and weaknesses throughout Isolated. Although we have the same label for personality, I think we have many differences. Isn’t it beautiful how God creates every individual differently? Even if we have similarities, no one can be put into a box. I’m thankful that despite the strengths and weaknesses of one’s personality, God helps us overcome every trial. ❤

    One thing I've realized from taking those personality tests is that labeling yourself as an "introvert" or "extrovert" can hold you back. We can't remain comfortable in our natural dispositions if they hold us back from His calling. The presence of God in an introvert's life turns them into someone who reaches out to others – despite the fear. Isn't He wonderful?!

    By the way, have you taken that test? May I ask what your result was? 🙂


    1. Haha, no, I didn’t know! I probably wouldn’t have thought of you as a “Logistician” – but even that’s only a name that some people associated with this “personality type,” and (in my opinion) it doesn’t sound like a very flattering name. According to that test, I’m an ISFJ-T, a “Defender,” which sounds more flattering than “Logistician,” but doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Like you said, these can make us feel confined to a box, when the Lord wants to renew. The image he wants to shape us into isn’t “Campaigner” or “Adventurer” or one of the other 14 labels… but the image of Christ. And that’s just BEAUTIFUL!

      It also reminds me of 1 Corinthians 7:22 – “For the one who was a slave when called to faith in the Lord is the Lord’s freed person; similarly, the one who was free when called is Christ’s slave.” And also James 1:9 – “Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position. But the rich should take pride in their humiliation – since they will pass away like a wild flower.”

      It seems like it’s part of the Lord’s plan to challenge the labels we give ourselves and others. Slaves, in Christ, are free. The free, in Christ, are slaves. The poor, in Christ, are rich. And it is the joy of the rich in Christ to become poor on this earth for His sake.

      Not nearly so important as the other things we’ve discussed, but I am still curious – as a writer, do you ever use personality tests to develop your characters?


      1. Oh Jordy, I apologize for waiting so long to respond here! It slipped my mind. 🙂

        I agree. Even though I’m a “Logistician”, it doesn’t seem right to accept that as ourselves and be confined to a box. Perhaps the personality tests are most helpful when they point out our weaknesses so that in Christ, we can overcome them for His glory. We’re not a personality – we are a human made in the very image of almighty God. ❤

        However, yes, I have used personality tests as a writer, although not very often. It is an interesting way to understand the beauty of people. God was so creative to make us the way He did… isn't it interesting? Perhaps that's why people watching is so enlightening, opening our eyes to the lives of others.

        Thank you for getting this conversation going, Jordy! 🙂


      2. There’s no pressure from me to respond quickly, so don’t worry. 🙂 I certainly do find it interesting to watch people and think about why they responded to one situation in a way totally different to how I would have responded. It’s so interesting, and there’s so much to learn without ever having to sign up to a class or pay a tuition fee. There’s so much to learn in so many areas of life if we’ll be an attentive student of the Holy Spirit. It’s incredible!


      3. It is incredible! Perhaps that’s why writing is a challenge… it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to have a completely different personality and way of thinking. And yet how precious that together we are the body of Christ, and He chooses to work through us despite our “personality flaws”! What an honor. ❤


      4. I think the best way to “get inside other people’s minds” and so get a feel for what other personalities might think and feel is to have lots of open-minded, authentic conversation with a wide variety of other people. And, haha, to bring it back to introversion again, that can be quite unatural a thing to do for some people. But with the Lord there is grace to step out and try. 🙂


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