Word of the Year – 2018

Early last year, I came up with the idea for a New Years tradition.

By the twentieth of January, each new year, I would like to decide on a word – a concept, virtue, spiritual fruit or biblical command – that will be for me a theme over the next 345 days.

Or perhaps it won’t really be a theme. Jessica and I have bounced some thoughts off each other about it, and apart from God’s direction, I don’t think I can just think of a word and live off it (spiritually) for the rest of the year. To do so would mean to try to manufacture inspiration for myself when I don’t feel inspired or when God may want to teach me something different.


Though not an unshakable theme, I still have a “word of the year.” My hope is that it will be linked to a spiritual need in my life – something that I am mindful of throughout the year to continuously bring before the Lord and ask Him to speak into. There’s a difference, I think, between that and assuming that this self-conceived word is something that He’ll align Himself with week after week for more than 11 months.

I want to be yielded to the Lord and His agenda for teaching me, rather than for Him to be yielded to mine.

And now that I’ve held you in suspense and you’ve read this far, my word of the year is this: gospel.

If you’ve read my last two posts (here and here), you may have guessed that I’ve been so impressed recently with the importance of sharing the gospel – the full story from beginning to end – with the dear lost souls around us. I think this is central to the Christian walk – more so than we tend to realize.

I see my own need to grow in this area. As I seek the Lord in the matter and as He is gracious to speak to me and give me the words, I hope to share parts of what He is teaching me here on the blog.


2 thoughts on “Word of the Year – 2018

  1. Amen to this post, Jordy! I definitely agree there’s a difference between rigidly sticking to a word of our own choosing, and letting God develop a particular area in us. And I really like your word! Personally, I don’t think we can go wrong with having the gospel as a focus – it’s always relevant to our personal lives and worth sharing with others. I’m looking forward to joining you on this journey through your posts; the last two were already a blessing! xx


    1. Thank you, dear friend. I’m excited too, and totally agree that we can’t be *too* focused on the gospel. It will exalt God and make us sensitive to our own needs, as well as the needs of other.


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