Ponderings of the Heart

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

-Luke 2:19

The birth of Jesus the promised Messiah.

Perilous travels and a stable for a birthplace.

There are some details of Jesus’ birth that the Bible doesn’t state blatantly, but I think it’s safe to speculate that it would have been a source of great confusion, wondering and doubt for Mary. The census which obliged her and Joseph to travel probably vied for their attention. Even so, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the time, even that concern was obscured by the fact that Mary – a virgin of low social standing – was about to give birth to the Christ.

Perhaps she was even troubled.

You and I are two thousand years removed from the event – not to mention the cultural differences and the irrelevant traditions that now intermingle with the true account of Jesus’ birth. As a sweeping generalization, I think most of the time, we hear of Jesus’ birth with dull ears, no longer moved by it.

As the 25th of December draws near, may the Lord give us grace to treasure up in our hearts the reality and immeasurable significance of Jesus’ birth, and to ponder them in our hearts during the quiet moments.

Perhaps this is where God would like to meet us most.


8 thoughts on “Ponderings of the Heart

    1. It just makes the whole account feel so real! ❤ Thanks for the Christmas wishes, and sorry I'm so late in returning or even acknowledging them! I hope that you were able to draw nearer to our Lord during that time. Also, happy new year!


    1. Yes, I wonder how clueless and confused Mary actually felt. We have so much context filled in for us regarding Jesus’ coming. And I know – and I’m assuming you know – how it feels to be stuck in the middle of something where God only reveals enough of His plan for us to take just the next step. It’s far different from reviewing the same situation in hindsight.

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      1. I suppose that’s true. Personally, I felt like she had a lot to go off from what the angel, Elizabeth, and then the shepherds (later on) said to her … but maybe that’s just me. I wonder if she was familiar with the prophets, too? Would she have been? I don’t know much about that era/culture … I don’t think she would have studied them as a woman? Hmm …


      2. True… I wonder how much she knew from the prophets. Even with the bigger picture of Jesus life, death and resurrection, I often have a hard time understanding the prophecies that have already been fulfilled. It seems so often like they could have double-meanings. I haven’t studied them much myself. And Mary may have been our age or younger. I wonder how much she had studied in her short lifetime up until she was engaged.

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      3. Yes, she was pretty young, so who knows how much she did know? And of course the prophecies could have several interpretations. I did hear a sermon once a long time ago that made me think. It talked about how he thought God was gentler and more understanding with Mary than he had been with, say, John’s father whose name has escaped met but my brain says Zechariah. I don’t know how I feel about that; I think Mary just had a better heart about being involved in God’s plans than Zechariah did.


      4. Yes, both Mary and Zechariah had questions when visited by the angel, but we only have a brief picture of all that was going on (brief but sufficient as Scripture always is). But we know from elsewhere in the Bible that God searches hearts. As you suggested, perhaps Mary’s heart was simply more pleasing to the Lord and he dealt with the two of them according to His wisdom.

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