Book #2

Hi there, dear readers!

As I read a recent email, it occurred to me that I’ve really given you no word regarding my writing endeavors since I published Isolated. For all you know, I may not have written another word or edited another sentence since!

Here I am to update you – as many of you who are interested.

As you may know, Isolated is part of a four-book series of novellas. I’ve already written all three of its sequels. The firsts draft, that is.

Currently, I’m doing round #2 of edits for the second book. In fact, I was editing chapter five half an hour ago.

Today, I’m praising God for works-in-progress. After all, every soul He has redeemed is a work in progress that He will carry to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.


13 thoughts on “Book #2

  1. I haven’t read Isolated yet but I really want to soon! It sounds really interesting. Thanks for letting us in on your progress. How long did it take you to write the first draft of Isolated? I’m working on a book right now (in rough draft in the first stages of writing it so I’ve got a long way to go) 🙂

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    1. That’s sweet of you, Sarah! 🙂

      Hmm… I think it took about a year? That’s mostly because I wasn’t expecting to finish it. At first it was like one of my countless other writing projects that I begun and wasn’t very committed to. Well, God saw me through this one.

      Oh really? What genre are you writing in? Is it fiction, or is it similar to your blog posts? And are you hoping to publish it eventually, or do you have some other goal? I look forward to seeing where this leads!


      1. It’s Christian fiction. It’s mystery too. No, it’s not like my blog, it’s mystery like I just mentioned. I think it would be cool to have it published one day, but i have a lot of work to do with it before. It’s going to be apart of a trilogy or have a sequel, I’m not sure yet.


      2. That’s really exciting! I think it takes a unique kind of creativity to write mystery. All the best with your project, and may God give you His idea of direction for it.


    1. Thanks Emily! They need a lot of work… I’m sure you understand that as a writer yourself. Perhaps I should just ask; is it the same in poetry where the rough draft really is *rough*? And I know you write in other genres besides poetry.


      1. Yes, I certainly do understand! Hmm… with poetry (at least for me), sometimes the words just kind of “write themselves” and you don’t need to change hardly anything. Other times, it takes quite a bit of time and thought to arrange what you’re trying to say how you want it. In fact, I keep a collection of partly- started poems, or opening lines that I often come back to and finish at other times. Really, the only other genre I have any experience in besides poetry is short stories, and that process does take much longer.


      2. As I think about your response, it seems like it’s just really hard to compare poetry and fiction prose. I was going to comment and say that it seems like poetry is more complex and has more technique to it. But then again, I’ve been reading about scene structure recently, and I’m just beginning to realize how more technique there is to writing a story than I’d thought. Perhaps their just a different kind of complex.


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