Isolated on Tour

This is the day!

Okay… so it’s not the day, as in the day that Jesus returns (as far as I know). Neither is it the day as in the release day of Isolated.

But it is the opening day of the Isolated blog tour. Six kind people have opened their blogs up to me and my debut novella, In doing so, they’re helping me gain some visibility with readers.

These bloggers are posting exclusive content on their blog, meaning that’s the only place where you’ll find it: interviews, reviews, spotlights… So for you who already know of Isolated, there is still some incentive in checking out their posts. Here is the schedule (links to be made clickable as the posts are published):

Monday, September 4th – Kellyn Roth,
Tuesday, September 5th – Lana,
Wednesday, September 6th – Emily,
Thursday, September 7th – Leona,
Friday, September 8th – Hosanna Emily,
Saturday, September 9th – Crystal,


Today (Monday), Kellyn Roth of Reveries Reviews interviewed the protagonist of Isolated -Louise. She came up with some questions that really challenged me, answering from her point of view. Thank you, Kellyn! It was a pleasant first-time experience! I also enjoyed hearing your thoughts on Louise. I wonder how she and Ruby would get along!

If you would like to learn what Louise’s favorite genre of book is, or what she would change about herself if I allowed her (or if you want to know who Ruby is), be sure to check out Kellyn’s post here.


Tuesday – Lana of the Music of Words hosted me and put together a beautiful spotlight. She talks about the spiritual themes of Isolated and the impact that it had on her. If you want to get a *feel* for the book, Lana has done a great job at giving you just that and scattering a few quotes taken from the book. I hope you enjoy it, here.

Wednesday – Emily of A Purpose and a Promise wrote a spotlight for Isolated based on an excerpt she hand-selected. It’s a tension-filled scene that shows Louise in the thick of a wrestle against a God who seems to be chasing her down. I have a great appreciation for Emily and what she shares on her blog; I feel honored to be hosted there. Here is her post on Isolated, but I encourage you to check out some of her other posts if you haven’t already.

Thursday – Leona of Great Books for God’s Girls interviewed me. I was impressed with the questions she came up with. It was a huge consideration for me to answer her question about which line or quote from Isolated is my favorite. Click here to learn the answer, or to hear my best tip for wannabe authors.

Friday – Hosanna of Having a Heart Like His reviewed Isolated as someone who has been in on the project from its early stages and seen it develop. Then, she interviewed me and came up with some great questions. “How did you first get the idea to write Isolated?” “If you could tell a future reader one thing, what would you tell him/her?” Learn the answers to these questions and three more on today’s tour stop, here.

Saturday – Crystal of Purely by Faith Reviews wrapped up the tour with a review of Isolated – the “short-and-sweet” kind. Then she interviewed me. Of course, I love to hear feedback such as “I can’t wait for the next book to come out.” But I also hope that her post will help you if you’re still considering whether or not you would like to read it. Her post is here.

Thank you to my six delightful hosts, Kellyn, Lana, Emily, Leona, Hosanna, and Crystal. I feel honored to be featured on your blogs. Ultimately, may it be God who is on display.


5 thoughts on “Isolated on Tour

  1. Awesome start to the blog tour, Jordy! 😉 Okay, I’m not that vain … but I can pretend to be. 😛

    Ruby and Louise …? Hmm. I don’t know! They have pretty similar personalities, and sometimes you don’t like people with similar personalities to you … but I’ve never met someone (in real life) who has a very similar personality to me. So maybe I would … I don’t know!


    1. Oh, I thought I had responded to this days ago. :/ I’m not sure what you meant by being that vain? As vain as what? In any case, I didn’t mean to suggest it. But yeah, I’m thinking that Ruby and Louise would butt heads a lot…

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