Isolated Available for Pre-Order

The last three days have not been the regular “day in the life of Jordy.” I’ve been reading the Terms and Conditions of Amazon and familiarizing myself with relevant legal jargon. I’m happy to say that after much reading, scrolling, reading and consulting relevant help pages, I finally submitted Isolated to Amazon in ebook form. It is now available for pre-order.


Avid Amazon users, correct me if I’m wrong, but that means that Kindle users can click to “buy” Isolated now. However, your card won’t be charged until the release date, the 11th of September. You also won’t receive the ebook immediately. Instead, you can continue on with life and the book will appear in your Kindle library on the release date. That said, I don’t have a Kindle device or library of my own, so some of you may well know better than me.

This has been an exciting few days for me. As at the end of any season, good or bad, I can look back and say God is faithful.

Let me know

  • Do you own a Kindle device?
  • Ebook or hard copy?
  • Where do you like to shop for books, regardless of the format?

11 thoughts on “Isolated Available for Pre-Order

  1. Yay! 🙂
    1) Nope, I don’t own a Kindle.
    2) Hard copy, for sure. E-books hurt my eyes, but I read them when I have to (like for blog tours).
    3) Usually thrift stores, just because they’re cheaper. 😉


      1. Okay, just wondering. At least there are still threads of hope left in this world. It may not always be this way.

        I was impressed (negatively!) that as I was selecting categories for my book on Amazon, I saw a whole sub-category under romance devoted to gay romance. Thankfully we know Jesus is ultimately victorious, but in the meantime, I’m sure society is degrading.

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  2. Congratulations, Jordy!

    1) I have an older Kindle paperwhite… I like having it for traveling.
    2)I always prefer hard copies when I have the choice. 🙂
    3) I love thrift stores for finding books also, and recently I have been loving an online store called Thriftbooks for finding new books for very good prices!


    1. Okay, so I’m curious: Is a Kindle Paperwhite an eReader only, or does it also access the web browser and downloads apps, etc. I once got an eReader wanting something that was distraction-free and “only” an eReader – and then found it was much more of a multifaceted device than I was expecting.

      Same. I prefer hard copies. 🙂 And that website looks great! Some of those prices are fantastic!


      1. My Kindle Paperwhite technically does have the capacity to access the web to the Kindle store, I guess, but I have never connected it. For one reason, it’s just not practical (there’s no touch keyboard or anything and it’s difficult to do anything else on it other than read). I simply use it for reading ebooks that I download onto it from my computer. I’m sure all of the newer ones have even more that, so I understand your feelings!

        I know! Thriftbooks is fantastic. They have deals and rewards all the time and in the US, shipping is free for orders over $10. It’s a shame they don’t have that for international shipping as well….


      2. Yeah, it is a shame about the shipping, but looking at it from their viewpoint, I understand. It’s just a benefit you get from living in the US, I guess. 🙂


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