Do we Understand “Sovereign”? (When Things Go Wrong – Part Two)

In May, I posted a small excerpt from Isolated (here). I took the liberty to pick apart a certain attitude maintained by the featured character. It’s the idea that God should have done this or He should have done that or the next thing because we deserve it. It’s the idea behind common questions: “Shouldn’t an all-loving, all-powerful God have done such-and-such?”

I propose this is an attitude we have all faced or will all face to varying degrees. Yes, you and yes, me.

All it takes is one thing to go wrong. One thing. Then we start to question God.


The next time you and I find ourselves in that place, I hope that we will consider this: God is sovereign.

sovereign (/ˈsɒvrɪn/)

adj. possessing supreme or ultimate power*

*definition is from Google

This is a really hard concept for us – for me – to grasp. It’s trying to fathom something so completely beyond me. The police are in a position of authority over me. They themselves are subject to the ruling government and president of this country.

Venturing further still, the government has no power to determine the weather or move mountains. Rather, they are subject to the laws of nature – the orbit of the earth around the sun and of the moon around the earth

And who did determine these? God did.

There’s a belief today that God is a concept of the human mind. It’s no wonder people who believe in this sort of a god question why he allows certain things. It places him below us in the chain of authority; he ought to do what we determine is right.

This is the complete opposite of what the Bible teaches. God is at the very top of the chain.

He sets boundaries for the oceans and calls the stars out by name. He sees the whole of history laid out before Him. Not only does He know what’s right and wrong, He determines what’s right and wrong.

We can’t tell Him that He should have done this and that.

We can’t say, “If You were God, You would…”

Are you up for some discussion?

  • How can you and I have a better grasp of God’s sovereignty?
  • Is it okay to ask why God would do or allow something?
  • What other beliefs do we come across today that counter the message of the Bible?

Resources for Deeper Digging

Psst! For more on:

  • the supreme power of God, the book of Job in the Bible (particularly the end), reminds me of various practical ways in which God sustains the universe and demonstrates His sovereignty over it.
  • God being just in all He does, revisit two older posts of mine (here and here), as I’ve done myself.
  • the all-encompassing greatness and power of God, particularly if you’re someone who appreciates music, here is a lyric video that I was reminded of today. It’s one of the songs in which I have found the verses to impact me more than the chorus. “He is not confined, He confounds. He will not resign, He resounds. He is not restrained…”



5 thoughts on “Do we Understand “Sovereign”? (When Things Go Wrong – Part Two)

  1. Every time I am alone with God, I re-remember this truth. 🙂 Life gets busy, and we get discouraged…sometimes we (more specifically *I*) get tried of serving God. But when we come into His presence, it becomes so clear. He in infinitely more beautiful and loving and powerful and worthy of our praise than any other. ❤ Thank you for sharing, Jordy. This is a theme in my novel as well, and one that I think we forget too easily.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank-*you* for your comment. 🙂 Life sure does get busy. I read something in a devotional this week that hit it pretty accurately:

      “Life is not only insistent in its demands but is also consistent in giving us many challenges and perplexities.”

      May these lead you and I to submit to God’s sovereignty rather than to question His power and goodness.

      PS – I like being reminded that you’re still writing that novel. I look forward to more news on Emblem of Hope. 🙂


      1. That quote is so true. Life does keep throwing demands and challenges our way…and without our eyes on Jesus, we’ll just stumble through all of it. Like you said before, we will come to the end of ourselves, and that’s when we lean on His strength. ❤ How beautiful!
        Oh yes…I'm still writing it. 😉 I should probably give updates more often, but, then again, I don't want my blog to be about my book, if you know what I mean. Like everything in life, there's a balance. 🙂


      2. There can be beauty in our brokenness – when God redeems it and uses it to bless us in the long run and to honor His name. ❤ Yes, how beautiful!

        I think there's space for you to mention your book a bit more often without it taking over your blog. 😉


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