Shoutout to the Cover Designer

As of yesterday, there were exactly four months remaining until the publish date of Isolated. Let’s celebrate with some themed content.

On May 1st, I unveiled the working cover of Isolated. If you look closely at the back half, you will see a watermark in the bottom corner:


This is the signature of the skilled designer, Michelle Rene, founder of Mundus Media Ink – the artist responsible for my cover design.

Here’s my shoutout to someone who has patiently and persistently worked with me, first to create the design, then to tweak it over and over to bring it in line with my vision. Not only is Michelle the designer of my book covers, but also of my website graphics. Does this next image look familiar?

Cross Two.png

She designed my header, too.


Michelle Rene designs book covers, teasers, logos, map illustrations and other graphics that authors use. She also writes fiction and creates content for authors related to the discipline of writing and marketing books.

Back to her designs: they span a multitude of genres – children’s books and romance alike. I’ll say upfront that I don’t endorse many of her other designs on the basis of nudity and other obscene content.

If you could ask the designer any question, what would it be? What intrigues you about the work of a graphics designer?


8 thoughts on “Shoutout to the Cover Designer

  1. If you could ask the designer any question, what would it be?: how do you design book covers?! Because whenever I do, they look awful! 😉 Seriously, though, I would probably ask something more professional, like what kind of technology do you use, where do you get your images, etc.

    What intrigues you about the work of a graphics designer?: well, one of my dreams is to be a graphics designer myself (though I doubt it will ever happen; I have no taste where fonts and colors are concerned, and I doubt anything could drill it into me), and I find actual graphics designers to be amazing and fascinating!


    1. Good question about the technology! What technology do *you* use, Kellyn (or do you prefer Kell in the blogging world?)?

      You’ve designed a few of your own covers, haven’t you? Was that to save in the money department or just because you were interested in it alone?

      I attempted designing my own cover, too. It was a fun experience, and perhaps I’ll delve more into that aspect of book production in the future. But for now, I’m leaving that to the professionals!

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      1. I use Canva, usually. (And either Kell or Kellyn is good. 🙂 ) Yes, I’ve designed a few of my covers, though for WIPs or short stories. I suppose it was a little bit of both.


      2. I am happy with it, although its primary use is to add text to images, etc. It’s pretty simple. But I really do enjoy it. All my graphics and such are made with it. I had fun designing some things for my blog over the weekend. 🙂

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  2. I’ve always loved the header of your blog–she did such a great job on that! I enjoy graphic design and I’ve made a few book covers for people that I’m proud of (but I’ve never actually made one for myself that I like). I would love to improve at my graphic design because I’ve always thought it would be so awesome to design my own book covers.


    1. I’m glad you like my header! I was going to say thank-you, but of course, I can’t take credit for it.

      What an accomplishment to have under your belt! How cool that you’ve designed covers for other people! It would be lovely if you would one day design your own covers and be content with the outcome.


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