Announcing Hiatus

All you dear readers, I’ve decided to go on Hiatus for the month of April. This idea was inspired by Kellyn Roth (you can read her post here). Through her words, I realized two things:

  • Hiatuses can come in a variety of forms. They can mean the complete absence of the blogger for a time, or they can be more… creative
  • Though the rest that comes with hiatuses is valuable on its own, they can have other purposes.

With these two things in mind, let me introduce you to my plan.


The “why”

I’m going on hiatus because I need to refocus. Blogging is a very special part of my life, but it isn’t my life. I have other commitments; family, friends, work, the preparation of my novellas for publishing this year. Given that it’s become the norm for me to start personal emails with an apology for taking so long to reply, I think I could do with time to refocus. During my hiatus, I hope to set in place habits that I will continue even after the month of April.

I’m going on hiatus because I want to do some serious brainstorming. I’m counting down the months until my first novellas are published and I want to plan some exciting posts that treat you to teasers and sneak peeks. Think character interviews, quotes, inspiration boards, etc. But these require planning and preparation. During my Hiatus, I hope to prepare in advance the content that I would like to post in the months to come.

On the blog

So there you have what I’m planning to do during the month of April. Here’s what you can expect with regards to activity on this blog.

First of all, I’m not planning on posting any usual posts.

However, I’m contemplating reblogging other bloggers’ posts while I’m “away”. Maybe I’ll do one every Saturday; maybe it won’t be quite so systematic. We’ll find out together. 😉 In any case, this post will be “pinned” during my Hiatus; any reblogged posts will appear beneath it.

Finally, to break the Hiatus, you can expect a cover reveal, title reveal and back-cover-description reveal of my first novella – a little something to look forward to in the month of May.

Throughout April, I’ll still be present to interact with readers through the comments function, whether on this post or others. So…

Let’s converse

  • What April in your shoes look like? Are you looking forward to anything in excitement or dread?
  • I may be interested in exploring more blogs during my hiatus. Do you have a blog? Do you know of any blogs I may be interested in checking out?
  • What sort of teasers or special content related to my novellas would you like to see? Have you seen any creative ideas from other writers you follow?

13 thoughts on “Announcing Hiatus

    1. Thanks so much, Emily! And as well as refocusing, I think rest is such an important thing (not to mention biblical) in the right context. And I look forward to telling you more about my novellas! x)


  1. I’m an inspiration! 😛 Just kidding, but you’re the second person who’s gone on hiatus and mentions me going on hiatus! Isn’t that weird?

    •What April in your shoes look like? Are you looking forward to anything in excitement or dread?: April? Eh, writing/editing. Lots of it. I’m looking forward to it … and also a little nervous because I have a lot on my plate.
    •I may be interested in exploring more blogs during my hiatus. Do you have a blog? Do you know of any blogs I may be interested in checking out?: I actually do have a blog! I think you may know about it, though. 😉 As far as blogs you may be interested in checking out …? Hmm. I don’t know. What do you like to read?
    •What sort of teasers or special content related to my novellas would you like to see? Have you seen any creative ideas from other writers you follow?: I’d love to see excerpts or just hear you talking about them. I haven’t seen a lot of ideas I’d call ‘creative.’ A friend of mine and I both do a monthly ‘spotlight.’ We basically highlight a character or section of our novel. It’s pretty fun. 🙂


    1. Well, I wouldn’t call it weird, exactly. I think it just shows that people are influenced by what you write. And I don’t know why the other blogger mentioned you, but I personally love an occasion to support a sister in Christ. It reminds me that we’re on the same team.

      Indeed, I do know your blog already! 😉 As far as blogs I like to read: those written by sisters in Christ about the christian life and as well as blogs about writing (and maybe reading, too). What about you? Do you read lots of others’ blogs? What is your friend’s blog who does the monthly spotlight as you do?

      By the way, I thought that was a great idea! As well as highlighting characters or sections of my novella, I could also focus on various themes throughout. Thanks for bouncing ideas with me. 🙂

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      1. It is cool when other bloggers mention you, just because you remember, “Hey, other bloggers read my blog and even enjoy it!” It’s neat. 🙂
        Hmm … let me see. I know that I co-author in a Christian blog,, but our posts have been sporadic as of late. I’m actually following 118 blogs right now, but I’m going to start clearing out the ones that are old and abandoned or such soon. 🙂 And the friend I was referring to is Lana She’s pretty awesome. We’re buddies. 🙂
        You’re welcome! Thanks for listening. 🙂

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      2. I just read a few of your posts from your Send the Light blog. You share your beliefs with such conviction; I love it! Also – how your personality shines through! ❤

        And oh my goodness, I *loved* Lana's blog! I loved her idea for the field guide and I hope that she'll let me use it (with credit to her!).

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      3. Thank you! I appreciate it. I’m definitely doing my best to share my beliefs in a way that is clear and perhaps will inspire others! 🙂
        Lana is amazing! I want to do something like that myself, but I just don’t have time just now.

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  2. I appreciate why you’re taking some time away. And I admire you for planning and announcing your hiatus – my hiatus’ seem to all go unplanned and unannounced, haha. But! I’m looking forward to everything you have planned for May. It sounds exciting! 🙂

    Hmm, my April looks a little crazy – lots of study, music practice, working, and hoping to get to some other things as well. It seems every month gets busier! And I guess when assignments have due dates, and performances happen whether you’re ready or not, and having a job depends on turning up, other things fall by the wayside a bit.

    Also, sorry I didn’t reply to your reply a few posts back. 😦 But I’m still looking forward to hearing any further posts you may have about vulnerability. I’m enjoying the series! And your series about Biblical decision making is very relevant too.


    1. Well thanks for appreciating them, Jessica! 🙂

      Oh yes! Life offers us plenty to occupy ourselves with (and sometimes to struggle to keep up with) without blogging. When you started blogging, did you have less commitments (or more time) than you do now? How long have you been blogging for? In any case, all the best with your April endeavours. Keep finding joy in the small (and the big) things!

      Oh and with regards to my vulnerability and decision-making series’, I may write more posts while I’m on hiatus so they’ll be ready for later! …We’ll see. 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a refreshing comment.


      1. It does, yes! But for me, blogging is more than a hobby, as I’m sure it is for you too, so I try to weave it in. A few years ago, I found myself doing/reading/photographing things so I could blog them, and I was frustrated because my blog didn’t reflect who I really was. So I purposed to blog about what I do, instead of do to blog about it. Keeping that in mind has been freeing as life gets busier, because it takes the pressure off thinking of something to write about. I’ve just got to look at what I’ve been pondering recently, or what’s going on around me. (And then I do have to have time to write that down, I know!) Anyway, I guess I’m telling you that in case it can be of any encouragement to you, but perhaps you already think this way!

        And in answer to your questions, yes I did have more time when I started blogging. I often used to just sit down and write – anything that came to mind.. Some of those sessions turned into blog posts. And I have been blogging for over four years. Wow, that hit me just typing that out; I didn’t really realize it was so long! I still feel like such a baby blogger. How long have you been blogging? Have you ever struggled with making sure your blog portrayed who you really were?

        Anyway, excuse the rambling. I don’t seem to know how to write short comments on your blog! I hope the hiatus is going well! 🙂


      2. Hey, that’s a really neat way to look at it; blogging about what you do rather than doing something to blog about. May I ask if that came in a moment of inspiration or if it was a gradual change of mindset? I don’t blog about things I do so much as things I learn. They’re often very much the things that I myself am learning – or rather that I feel God is teaching me – in my own life… but don’t usually share much about how it relates to my own life. I think I generally keep those two aspects – the “lesson” and my personal experience – pretty detached.

        But now I’m questioning why I do that. Perhaps it would be more edifying for people to see that these things I learn are personal and applicable. They’re not a compartment of life distinct from family, friends, work, school, etc. I’m having a hard time articulating my thoughts. Hopefully you understand something of what I’m trying to express!

        I think I’ve been blogging for less than two years, so I’m an even baby-er blogger than you! 🙂 And yes, I’ve struggled with making sure my blog portrays me properly and honestly. Given the nature of the internet, it’s so easy to pick and choose the parts that I want people to see of me and the parts that I want tot hide. That said, I realize that I can’t just blame it on the nature of the internet. I’m responsible, too! How do you stay real – not only about what you do, but about who you are as a person?


  3. (Firstly, let me apologize for the tardy response. I wrote a reply last week but the page reloaded, and here I am back at the start again.)

    You know, I think it was a moment of inspiration. I remember I was out on the front lawn trying to take some good photos so I could post them. I’d positioned the objects, and made sure the background was how I wanted it, when I realised it wasn’t real. There’s nothing wrong with setting up photos, but I felt that’s what I was doing with what I wrote too, and I didn’t want that. So I think it was that evening when it clicked in my head, and I decided to do it differently. Of course, it’s all been a growing experience, and I’m still learning.

    That, and my more recent thoughts about vulnerability, are what helps me stay real on the internet. (At least, I hope I come across real.) I try to write from experience, and be honest. Like you said, it can be hard! Do you have any strategies you use for staying real?

    Yes, I get what you mean. I think there’s benefit in both ways – some people may relate better to one than the other. I guess there’s always more to learn! I really appreciate your approach though – your posts are always solid – with lots of truth, Bible passages, and thought provoking questions. That’s pretty rare in my travels on the internet. So keep it up, girl! May God continue to bless you as you shine for Him through your blog!


    1. It’s neat that you have that moment of inspiration to look back to as a mindset shift where your blogging habits took a turn for the better. I wish I could remember concretely the times that I have such changes in my own mindset and habits. Come to think of it, those times would probably be worth blogging about.

      For the record, as a reader of your blog, I do feel that you come across real. It’s one of the things that makes your blog stand out to me from so many others. As for me, I don’t think I have any strategies for staying real; at least not any that I had stopped to consider as such. I mean, my posts are based on things that God has been teaching me, and sometimes I write (even if not extensively) about I thought process I went through or how I came to considering such a topic/passage. But I had never thought of them as an intentional strategy. Perhaps recognizing that is a good place to start.

      Thank you, sweet friend! Your encouragement is precious. ❤


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