What Is It? – A Study on Vulnerability

Less than a week ago, I introduced you to my word of the year, “vulnerability”. Over the remaining weeks and months of 2017, I want to learn what God says about it and how I can apply it to my life.

At the end of my last post, I asked you some questions about vulnerability, one of which was, “How do you define it?”

I ended my post in such a manner because that was the train of thought I followed, myself, as I began to dig into this concept. Without touching a dictionary (or tapping into Google), I put together my own attempted definition of vulnerability.

This definition reflects my most articulate understanding of the word as it stood before I ever knuckled down to study. I look forward to reading back over this attempted definition at the end of 2017 and seeing how much my understanding will have developed.

If you want to join me in this exercise, I suggest you pause and write out your definition somewhere before you read any further.


My attempt at defining “vulnerability”

The idea of having intimate, precious parts of our hearts and lives exposed to another.

-Jordy Leigh, from my journal

Only after physically writing down a definition in my multi-purpose journal/notebook did I turn to Google for an official, more objective definition of the word.

“Vulnerability” according to Google

the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

-Google definition

Now, I’m going into this study assuming that vulnerability is good and convicted that it has a place in the design of the all-wise God of the Bible.

Asking “Why?”

But in light of the two above definitions, I have to ask “why?”. Vulnerability sounds scary and painful. How could God desire it for us, if indeed He does?

Off the top of my head and without yet touching a Bible (because I’ll do that later), I came up with three reasons that may or may not be biblical. As I go through my study, I’ll test them to see how they measure up to God’s Word.

My three reasons for being vulnerable are:

  • because vulnerability is what it means to live in the light
  • because vulnerability is the basis of transparency, accountability, love and deep fellowship
  • because God was vulnerable with us

That was my first self-assigned exercise as I set out to study this concept.

Will you join me?

I would love for you to interact with me throughout this series. The comments section is all yours to connect with me however you wish (within honorable boundaries; please be respectful with your words). But here are some questions in case you need ideas:

  • Did you do the “define vulnerability” exercise? What did you jot down?
  • Off the top of your head and without touching a Bible, can you think of other reasons why God might desire vulnerability in believers?
  • Or perhaps you disagree. In that case, why is vulnerability¬†not biblical?
  • What does the Bible say about vulnerability?

4 thoughts on “What Is It? – A Study on Vulnerability

  1. Maybe vulnerability is the foundation of trust. Before we can truly trust God we must become vulnerable to Him, opening ourselves up to Him. In order for us to truly humble ourselves before God we must become vulnerable. These are two things that God calls each of us to do in order to receive His forgiveness and then to see His work in our lives. We must each humble ourselves and trust Him. Both of which require us to become vulnerable to the work of His spirit.

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  2. Jordy! It’s been too long since I’ve commented on here. I was amazed to read that the word you’ve chosen for 2017 was vulnerability, because, while I never intended it to be my word of the year or anything, it is a word that regularly comes to mind since mid/late last year. (You probably remember my post about it.) So, I’m excited that you’ll be looking further into vulnerability, and we get to read along!

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    1. Yes, I most definitely remember your post about vulnerability! You addressed it in the context of expressing oneself in forms of art, did you not? But I remember how it got me thinking about all forms of vulnerability in general life. Perhaps that was when God first started to incline my heart towards searching it out in light of His Word.


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