Word of the Year – 2017

Ten days ago, I came up with a tradition for the New Year. Well, it takes multiple enactments before a tradition can truly be called such, but I came up with the idea, anyway.

By the twentieth of January, each new year, I would like to have decided on a word – a concept, virtue, spiritual fruit or biblical command – that will be for me a theme over the next 345 days.


This year’s word came to me easily. In fact, I had the concept in mind first, and it later gave birth to the idea for the above-described tradition. It was a concept that I wanted to dig deeper into. I wanted to study what the Bible had to say about it, and learn how to apply it to the various facets of life. I wanted depth.

I decided on some sort of a day-by-day study. I entitled the top of my notebook page with the word I had decided on, and “Day #1”.

As I studied, I got really excited about what I was learning about – what God was teaching me. That’s when I decided to share it with you.

All this leads up to the introduction of my word of the year:


Perhaps this word isn’t that exciting to you. Perhaps you see no reason why I should choose it above the countless others.

Or maybe it imparts to you a sense of dread and the urge to throw up your guard and protect yourself.

But instead of putting further words into your mouth or pretending these are the only two things you might be feeling, I want to open this up for discussion.

So please let me know:

  • How do you feel about “vulnerability”?
  • What images does it put in your mind?
  • How do you define it?

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