This Gift: My Body

Today I would like to share with you a realization that I felt God impressing on my heart recently: my body is a gift from Him.

In years gone by, I haven’t given much thought to having a body; it seems like a given. Of course we have them. Of course! How could it be any other way?

But yesterday, God impressed on me that He could have created us as free-roaming souls.


Instead, He paired each of our souls with a vessel to fill, which we call our “bodies”. They’re the vehicles in which we move around in the three dimensions of our environment. They’re the medium through which we experience and explore the world around us.

We have eyes with which to taste colors and shapes, and ears with which to drink in a vast array of noises. We have noses to enjoy smells with and a tongue to explore the foods He created for us. With our sense of touch, we can detect various textures. We’ve come to recognize hot and cold, wet and dry.

And then we have brains to process all these things with.

I realize, now, that my body and yours are very real, very huge gifts from God. Mine is among His gifts to me which I have most taken for granted.

This has been a very short post, but one with the potential to stimulate conversation (I hope)…

So let’s talk about some of these things

  • Along with God’s gifts comes stewardship. How might we often abuse this gift of our bodies?
  • How, as His creatures, can we care for our bodies and use them to honor our Creator?
  • In what ways do our physical bodies teach us about spiritual truths?
  • What other gifts from God might we so often take for granted?

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