They Help Each Other Along on the Same Journey

“They” post heading refers to the members of the Body of Christ. My last post was about God’s design for this team of born-again Christians. More specifically, it was a list of 7 ways in which the members are supposed to work together according to God’s design.

The first of the 7 ways is that they share a common life’s journey and help each other along on it. Today, let’s think deeper about that.

They help each other along on the same journey

September. Doesn’t that feel like such a long time ago? If you can’t place it, think about something you did way back then.

As for me, I read Emily’s poem, Be Who He Made You to Be. Then I left a comment. As we dialogued back and forth a few times, we found that we have a certain struggle in common regarding the Christian life. Then she said:

“But I’m so thankful that we can all learn together!”

The moment I read Emily’s comment may well have been the moment I started thinking about putting together a series of blog posts about the Body of Christ.

“We [born-again Christians] can all learn together!” I was already familiar with the concept. Those who are truly children of God are all essentially on the same journey. They can learn and grow together.

But for some reason, when I read Emily’s message, this reality struck me in a new way.

Think about it with me; all over the world – spanning various ages, nationalities, and occupations – genuine, born-again believers are on the same journey. They all came through the “narrow gate” that Jesus talks about in Matthew 7:13-14.  They all have heaven/the new earth to look forward to as their final destination.

And from point A to point B, they all pass through similar milestones and points of conviction. The Holy spirit challenges them on issues such as self-esteem, idols of the heart, modesty, wanting the things of the world, giving, witnessing and so on.

A couple of examples

I think of two particular times I’ve seen this played out right within the world of blogging.

Early September, Hannah from Becoming Lost posted an article entitled An Undivided Heart about keeping our focus on the eternal. Not long after, I started a discussion about the most impactful books, movies, blogs, songs, etc. Hosannah, from Having a Heart Like His, got her readers talking about their favorite fiction books that left a lasting impact. Emily, from A Purpose and a Promise, listed 8 blogs that inspire her and strive to give God the glory.

Can you see a pattern? We all posted about exchanging trivial habits for activities with an eternal focus, particularly the material that we feed our brains. Being born again believers, we are all essentially on the same journey.

The second time I remember this happening was more recent. Just this past month, the same Hosannah from the same Having a Heart Like His post a story to inspire discussion about witnessing. The very next day, Hannah published a post about practical witnessing tips. Soon after, I hosted a discussion about witnessing.

Are we simply uncreative, unoriginal and unable to come up with something on our own? I think that’s beside the point. We are learning about the same things in the Christian life, and we help each other along as we share in the same journey.

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4 thoughts on “They Help Each Other Along on the Same Journey

  1. Wow, Jordy. This was a really great post!!
    It’s really great when people on the same spiritual journey come together and praise God, as well! On Thanksgiving, some of our extended family was able to come, and they are all believers. We sang hymns for a long time, and afterwards I just remember carrying around this feeling of…happiness, for a while. It was awesome. That time really just reminded me of how wonderful it is when we praise God, when we sing to Him, when we exalt Him, with our brothers and sisters in Christ. And YES it is so wonderful being a part of this wonderful group of girls (with you included! =)) who build each other up, cause each other to think deeper and pray harder, and all in all just encourage one another in our walk with Christ!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Ariel, and I’m sorry for taking so long to get back to you!! I agree that believers coming together to praise God is a great thing on multiple levels – glorifying to Him, a blessing to us and a testimony to the lost world.

      That time that you spent with your extended family; how precious! I had a similar experience recently, so I understand how you felt.

      I also very much enjoy our discussions as we encourage each other towards holy living by His grace and a deeper desire for Him. Thank you so much for your mutual encouragement!


    1. Hi Ariel! That’s excellent! You can email me at me[at]jordyleigh[dot]com. I typed it like that to avoid being spammed. Just replace the ‘[at]’ with a ‘@’ and the ‘[dot]’ with a ‘.’, if that makes sense. I look forward to seeing your blog!


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