(Discuss) Halloween

The beliefs surrounding Halloween vary oh-so-greatly. To my knowledge, this is particularly true in Christian circles. But regardless of whether or not you identify with Christ and whether or not the Bible is your authority, I want to know:

Do you think Halloween is good, bad, neutral, or just not that simple?

Do you base your convictions regarding Halloween on a particular story, experience or Bible verse?

How do you relate to people who aren’t of the same opinion?

What did October 31st look like at your house this year?

Here’s a chance to get to know me and your fellow readers. Here’s a chance for us to get to know you.



6 thoughts on “(Discuss) Halloween

  1. Where I live (Cambodia), Halloween isn’t a big deal. At other times in the year, this country has its own holidays based around spirits and the dead which are strongly connected to eastern culture. But this October 31st, I didn’t hear a peep about Halloween except on the internet.

    I’m not complaining. Personally, I dislike Halloween. It’s a time where people scare and let scare… stoke their interest in evil spirits and make themselves vulnerable… dress up in disturbing (sensual and/or violent) costumes. It’s easy to participate because Halloween is done in the name of “harmless fun”. It’s an occasion that justifies evil as “acceptable”, “normal” and even “festive”. For one night in a year, people are expected to join in celebrating darkness.


  2. I live in the US, and everyone is just OBSESSED with Halloween. My parents don’t let us have ANYTHING to do with Halloween. No dressing up, no trick or treating, no Halloween parties (even at churches) and ABSALOUTLY no watching TV shows about Halloween. And I’m kinda glad.

    Halloween is NOT a true Holiday because it’s about celebrating the Devil, Demons, and darkness. Even if you dress up as a Bible Character or an Angel or something non-dark related, you’re still celebrating a fake Holiday that is SUPPOSED to be about devils and demons and darkness.

    I completely agree with you, Jordy. 🙂

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  3. I do agree with your view on Halloween! I feel like it is completely awful and evil. I mean how can you call celebrating death good when Jesus said not to kill? And all the skulls and awful scary things. Jesus said not to fear…so how can it be good to try to make people fear? It just doesn’t go together. And you’re right…all the sensual and violent costumes. It’s sooo terrible. 😦 But as Christians we can try to use it for good although I wouldn’t recommend going trick or treating just to “witness”. I like what Hosanna did though….going with her family and handing people tracks and dvd’s. So I think it’s not wrong to not participate at all, but it is a good opportunity when people are coming to you to witness to them and share Jesus.


    1. Yes! I also like what Hosanna and her family did! I wonder if people would be more or less receptive to Bible material on Halloween…

      I’m sure that people could get very creative and find many different ways to take advantage of the change in mood and focus to share with people that Jesus conquered death.


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