Tag: Pray for People and Country

Once upon a time (last September), Hannah from Becoming Lost tagged me for the Pray for People and Country Tag. Thank you so much, Hannah! I’m super excited to be participating in this.

This being the first tag post my blog has seen, I’ll explain what it is. Basically, a blogger is encouraged to do a tag post when they’re “tagged”. You know you’re tagged when another blogger has done the tag post on their blog and has included your name at the end. Then you follow the rules of that particular tag, which will have been included in the tag post of the blogger who tagged you. They’re different each time.

The stunning Trephina Gorge near Alice Springs, Australia

So without further ado…

The rules:

  • Thank the blogger who tagged you (Again, Hannah, thank you!)
  • Copy and paste the rules
  • Pledge to pray for one person and one country or city every day for two weeks
  • Tag two bloggers
  • Have fun!

The pledge:

I pledge to every day for two weeks for a certain Abby and for the country Australia.

I’ve never met her. Our mutual friend sent me an urgent email some time ago asking me to pray for this Abby who had been in a very serious car crash. A recent update said that doctors are just now trying to get her to breath without the aid of hospital equipment.

I choose to pray for Australia in light of conflict around Muslim immigration. I don’t usually follow media or politics, but as part of a school assignment, I’ve had to. Consequently, my eyes were opened up to this issue which I wouldn’t have known about, otherwise.

I tag:

  • Darcy-Rea from My Life By A Snapshot
  • Anika from Anika’s Avenue, and
  • Anyone else reading this who wants to pray for people and country. Consider yourself just as validly tagged as Darcy-Rea and Anika.

(Don’t feel obliged, but do feel warmly invited!)


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