(Discuss) What Is your Favourite Time of the Day?

As I was writing the post for this Saturday, I got to thinking about this question. I wonder if most people share a common favorite time, or if it varies considerably from one person to the next. So tell me, what’s your favorite time of the day? Why?

Do you days generally look similar?

Or do you have no schedule and no favorite time?

Here’s a chance to get to know me and your fellow readers. Here’s a chance for us to get to know you.

Every day is a gift from God. Which part are you most thankful for?

7 thoughts on “(Discuss) What Is your Favourite Time of the Day?

  1. Can I say two times??

    I reeally like the early morning and right before I go to bed. The morning is like a fresh, new breath. The evening comes like a sigh of relief. Both of them are quiet and slow-paced. They’re different from the middle of the day when the demands are high and many. I think they’re both ideal times to listen to God without being distracted by everyday worries. These are my favourite times to read my Bible, pray, journal about what He’s teaching me and so forth. Anyone else like the mornings and evenings?


    1. How interesting, Jordy! My favorite times are very different. =) I think I like the morning – but after breakfast. By then I am officially awake and ready for the day. =) I also like the afternoon/evening…it’s relaxing and when I usually have my quiet time with Jesus. If I have any spare time in a day, it usually occurs then. =) That’s also when we sometimes have friends come over and eat dinner with us. ♥ Right before bed isn’t my favorite time of day because then I remember everything that I was supposed to do that day…that I didn’t. =P But I do love curling up in bed with my baby sister as we read her nighttime books and exchange hugs as we fall asleep. ♥

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      1. Well, that just goes to show that we’re all unique with our own tastes – and that’s okay. Sometimes it amazes me how we can live according to God’s design and still be our unique selves. I’ve been thinking about that recently…


    2. I agree with you. I love the peace and the quietness of mornings and nights. When there is no stress or demands. When we can just sit back a enjoy either the company of others or the free time to spend with God. However, a little part of me really does enjoy the busy afternoons when I can tick things of my check list 😉


      1. You bring up a good point; the company of others. I love times when we have guests over to break routine. Okay, I’m usually initially upset at how my plans will be disturbed and I will have to work around it. But when – by God’s grace – I can stop and recognize people as a most precious gift, then I really enjoy it (and secretly appreciate an excuse to take a break from routine. But shhh, don’t tell 😉 ).


  2. I think my favourite time of day depends on the day to be honest.
    Week days, it is probably early in the morning when all is (Kind of) silent. There is peace and no stress yet. The birds and animals are just waking up and I can just relax. Sadly, as of lately I have been missing this time due to sleeping in. It kind of makes me sad when I finally wake up to see that the sun is already up and the birds are already playing. However, I do plan on getting back to my old routine; slowly but surely I’ll get there. 🙂
    On the week-ends though I really enjoy the whole mornings. Saturdays are days of cleaning and getting my craziness back in place. That’s also mixed with relaxing and music. It’s a really enjoyable time. On Sundays I love the mornings because that when we go to church or Sunday school. I love the people we meet with and it’s actually probably my favourite time of the whole week. It’s great to me able to meet with other people who just simple love God. We can put our differences aside and just praise him and have fun.


    1. Holidays often make me feel lazy, too. It doesn’t generally affect the time I wake up, but I find that often, during the holidays, I’m notably less productive. I like what you said about the birds. Sometimes I go outside in the morning when it’s still dark. On certain days, I don’t notice when the birds slowly wake up and start singing. But on other days, I notice the first tweet of the day. I love it!

      I think I would agree with you about Sundays. We have a special church gathering, don’t we? It’s the God we worship – His greatness and goodness- that makes our Sunday mornings so special.


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