Looking Forward to September (2016)

Dear readers,

Yesterday, one routine thing happened, followed by two strange things that will dictate how much activity you’ll see on the blog this month:

#1. I made my plan of action for the month of September

Almost no comment. At the change of every month, I make plans concerning the blog posts I expect to write, the progress I would like to make in my novellas and other miscellaneous mini-projects to undertake (brand/design/guest blogging/etc).

However, I will add that I have two weeks of school holidays this month. Consequently, I was extra ambitious in my planning of mini-projects that I would like to take on (including the creation of some exclusive content for my VIP readers).

#2. Mom got a phone call from a friend

Basically, this lady – whom I’ll call Grace – was working alongside some others to provide three weeks worth of English classes to twenty-seven Cambodian children. However, the other two English teachers pulled out, leaving Grace frantically searching for anyone willing to help out, or else face the task alone.

This lady called my mom to ask for help. When she hung up, mom and I discussed ways we could help. If I could take on a few of mom’s responsibilities, then she could help Grace teach the twenty-seven children.

I found myself wondering if I may have to scratch those extra mini-projects… maybe even take it a step further and give up some of my regular “Talk About It” posts if those three months got really busy.

#3. I went to bed… and couldn’t fall asleep for a looong time

All of a sudden, I had 1001 ideas of new blog-and-book related mini projects that I wanted to start. Blog post topics, surveys for more interaction with you, more exclusive content for VIP readers… And I’m so excited to implement them!! 

(Why is it that I think about these things when I should be sleeping, and NOT when I’m at my computer begging God or my brain for ideas?)

The best place for control of the outcome to be is in God’s hands

All this is to say that I have no idea what this month is going to look like.

I may be unusually quiet for the latter 3 weeks of September as I temporarily take on a new load of responsibilities…


You may see some exciting new changes as I push through to make new things happen.

This verse hits the nail square on the head:

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

-Proverbs 19:21

I can make my plans, but the outcome is in God’s control.

Watch and wait with me to see what happens, and please bear with me if this month turns out to be slow. Either way, I wish you a September full of good things from God, and a heart to recognize them as His gifts and praise Him for them.


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