Review: Monster

Monster by Frank E. Peretti

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A friend recommended that I read ‘Monster’ based on the fact that it had wilderness survival themes, which may have been helpful for me as I work on writing my own piece of fiction which is strongly connected to wilderness survival. After having read it, I don’t feel like it was particularly useful for that reason, but I am glad that I read it for other reasons.

Quite frankly, Frank Peretti’s book entertains. Without wanting to spoil the plot, it tells the nightmare-ish tale of Beck Shelton who is carried into the dark woods by a monstrous creature at night, and of her husband and a host of friends, enemies and volunteers who set off to find out what’s going on, and resolve whatever they can.

As stated above, this. book. entertains. I found it compelling at the beginning, however, the more I read, the more the intrigue escalated. On multiple occasions, the author set things up so that I pieced everything together and *knew* what was going to happen… and then something else happened. The plot became quite complicated by the end, with many smaller stories intertwining, but the author set a pace such that I understood what was going on before he introduced something new. Each character was their own person, unique, yet relatable. As with the plot, there were many new characters introduced along the way, but again, the author moved at the perfect pace.

‘Monster’ has no swear words or romance. It takes a stand for biblical creation in a unique way which I have yet to see in other fictional works. On the other hand, I want to add a word of caution about it for readers who are easily scared or disturbed by gruesome scenes. There are numerous gory descriptions throughout it, as well as some violence. Though the characters of this book evidently believe in the God of the Bible, and though this book advocates biblical creation, there is no outstanding, life-transforming message.

I give four out of five stars for a compelling read which advocates certain biblical truths such as creation, yet which is void of that transforming factor that really nourishes the soul. I recommend ‘Monster’ to readers who want an intense, suspenseful read.

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  • Have you ever read Monster or anything else by Frank Peretti?
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  • Do you know of any other novels that intentionally reinforce biblical creation?

4 thoughts on “Review: Monster

  1. Great thoughts on this book, Jordy! I have heard some interesting things about Peretti. My brothers read one of his book and ended up having a difficult time getting to sleep at night. Lol. I’m not sure if I would enjoy his style.

    I recently read a book by a friend called The Assassination Plot that had a bit about evolution/Biblical creation. It also had some interesting points and helped me realize that arguing for my faith might not be as hard as it seems. =)

    Thanks for your posts!


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