Building my Author Brand

Dear bookworms,

I wonder if it interests to learn a bit about “author branding” from a writer’s perspective. Simply put, it’s all that an author does to create the unique and distinct brand (“feel” or “flavor”) associated with their name and their books.

The words that you read – whether they’re humorous, concise, simple, scientific, or serious – contribute to the ambiance. The same can be said of the color scheme, the symbology and other images used, the font choice, and so on.

When an author considers these elements intentionally, this is author branding. It applies to the website of your favorite author, as well as to their social media profiles, the books themselves, and anything else that is associated with them.

What is author branding – and what is more important than it?

The point is for the author to get you to feel a certain way about them and their books. Romance authors – for example – will create a far different brand for themselves than authors of Sci-Fi or Horror. But when brands are done well, one author’s will differ from another’s even within a genre.

Author branding is a recurring theme among the articles I read about being the best writer I can be. Having it on my mind so frequently, it has me thinking…

branding is very author-and-reader-oriented.

A brand-well-done will help you, the reader, to recognize early on whether the books by ‘author x’ are “your kind of books”. And if they are, the brand will help you feel a strong sense of connection. From a writer’s perspective, I believe that a well-done brand is a special “gift” of sorts that I can give to my readers.

A brand-well-done is also about building the author’s name, hooking readers and captivating them. And as I continuously revisit and tweak my author brand, it’s starting to feel very self-oriented.

So author branding takes into account you and it takes into account me. But there’s someone far more important than either of us.

Where does God fit in?

The experts constantly urge me to proclaim and glamorize “Jordy Leigh”. But as a sinner set free, it should be my duty and delight to proclaim and glamorize my Saviour, the One Living God, the Supreme and Sovereign Creator.

How should I do that? I’m not entirely sure. But I think there are two ways I can make a start start:

  • by publically recognizing something greater than my own name and brand, and
  • by recognising before you that any success I have as an author – any reader whose life is touched, any positive book reviews, any money – it all comes from God.

Talk with me

  • Tell me, are you a creator? Do you have to deal with branding for any sort of small business?
  • In a sense, everyone has to deal with branding. The words we say, our tone of voice, our attitude, body posture, etc. all impact the way people feel about us as fellow human beings. What is your brand as a person?
  • How can you proclaim and glamorize God’s name?

Resources for deeper digging

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