(Discuss) What Makes an Adult?

Our topic of conversation for the week is based on a conversation I had with my mom, earlier. I started by asking her one simple question, which then unfolded into more. When does a person become an adult?

Is it a certain age? If not, then what does it depend on?

When does a person stop being a teenager? Is it at the same time as when they become an adult?

Can a person be both a teenager and an adult at the same time? Can they be neither?

Here’s a chance to get to know me and your fellow readers. Here’s a chance for us to get to know you.

Life is full of seasons.

One thought on “(Discuss) What Makes an Adult?

  1. Based on my conversation with mum, I think that a person becomes an adult when they become independent from their parents (or whoever raised them). Then again, there could be much discussion on what “independent” refers to; whether it means for them to be financially independent, emotionally independent, physically independent, etc.

    For the above reason, I think that a person can be of “adult age” (say, late twenties), yet not behave like an adult. Perhaps they still live with their parents and rely on their parents for their meals, house chores and/or money. Therefore, assuming that a teenager is the age range of thirTEEN to nineTEEN, I believe that a person can be neither a teenager nor an adult. Anyone else?


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