(Discuss) What do You Do with Your Time?

Time management. Priorities. Over and over again this power struggle for enough hours comes up in my life. I think it’s a dilemma that most people deal with regularly. So let’s talk about it.

What do you spend most time doing in this season of your life?

What do you wish you had more time for?

Do you get any “down time”? How do you use it?

Do you have any form of time management system (schedules, agendas, or the like)?

What do you do with your few odd minutes in-between?

What do you do that makes you smile?

Here’s a chance to get to know me and your fellow readers. Here’s a chance for us to get to know you.

Time is a gift – a privilege and a responsibility at the same time.

6 thoughts on “(Discuss) What do You Do with Your Time?

  1. School. I do school with my time. 😛 I’m in my final semester of my last year of high school, and the bulk of my time is currently spent in my best attempt to finish well. I also read, write and pray, not necessarily in that order, and I *try* to constantly review my priorities and make sure God is the top, and then people, and then goals like writing, blogging and yes… school.

    In my few spare minutes, I like to read, write to my friends or listen to edifying songs.

    If I had more time, I would dedicate more time to writing, blogging and learning about the business and craft of being a writer. I would probably read more, too.

    What I do now that makes me smile: I go out on mummy-daughter nights every Thursday. Thanks mum! X)

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  2. You are amazing Jordy! I can’t believe how accomplished you are and how dedicated to everything you love. I think you are one of my greatest inspirations. And I can’t believe you are in your last year of high school already! How exciting! Plans for college?

    It’s wonderful that you get that special one-on-one time with your mom. My daughter is on break from college at the end of the month and she’s coming to stay with me for a week! I’m so excited because I’ve been missing our time together so much. You’d just love her. She’s like you but her dedication is of course to school and work and also to art, because she’s a wonderful artist and that’s also what her major is.

    What do you spend most time doing in this season of your life?

    Well, I spend most of my time on my business. I am always working on client projects and then marketing my business at least a third of the time. You’d be amazed how long it takes to answer emails sometimes. And then there’s the social networking that must be done. My days are long and I don’t get much free time, so it’s a good thing that I love what I do.

    What do you wish you had more time for?

    I wish I had more time for writing. I have a hard time keeping up with my blog posts and I’m always trying to come up with content that’s relative to the indie authors out there. But I also write books. I am actually done with three of them but still have a round of final edits before I can publish and this always seems to get pushed to the side due to priorities with my business.

    Do you get any “down time”? How do you use it?

    I don’t get much down time at all, and that’s typically okay with me because I have high energy. But when I do get down time I like to catch-up on the shows I like to watch, play in the garden, get some much needed chores done, and spend quality time with my friends and family.

    Do you have any form of time management system (schedules, agendas, or the like)?

    I do. I have a white board that has a running list of all of the projects I have in the works. I also have a calendar white board that I use to schedule my time for projects, appointments, etc. And last but not least, I have a boogie board list that I write on every night to prioritize my time for the following day, and to catch anything that might not have made it onto my calendar. I can wipe that board clean with the press of a button, so that’s pretty cool. The other white boards are also color coded, and that helps me keep even more organized.

    What do you do with your few odd minutes in-between?

    Hahaha! Well, I eat… and sometimes just stare at the wall blankly to give my mid a rest, but only for a minute or so, lol. It’s not like I actually get the chance to zone. I throw my chores into the minutes I get in-between so they don’t fall to the wayside. And I try to call my friends and family, to keep in good communication with them.

    What do you do that makes you smile?

    I give! I offer my services for free four times a year in a drawing https://mundusmediaink.com/12519-2/ I am enjoying it so much in fact that I want to expand my giving. I’m thinking about holding a drawing once a month for young authors and the prize would be free cover design for their books. I won a young authors award when I was young but couldn’t afford the publishing process. I think it would be great to offer some young independent authors free cover designs to help them get off to a good start. That would make me smile a lot 🙂

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    1. Michelle, you’re so lovely. I say that in response to your kind words to me personally, but also because of how you desire to help young authors. I know I have been blessed by you – your services and your friendship. Thank you!

      You seem to be so busy! Do you ever feel pressure to decide between writing and designing? What do you do on days when it feels like it’s one or the other?

      As for college, I’ve actually decided to lay aside any plans regarding post high school education. If I’m wrong, and it turns out that God does want me to attend a college, then I trust that He’ll make that clear in His perfect timing. But for now, I have peace about my decision. I’d like to work more towards publishing my books, and perhaps even volunteer at that Bible in Japan, again.

      Have a lovely time with your daughter when the end of the month comes around. Being so busy, I assume it will come pretty fast for you!


  3. Time management is always my main issue – trying to balance life, love, writing, the visual arts and whatever I have to do to make a living.

    – What do you spend most time doing in this season of your life?

    These days, my first priority is always my 2 month old son – everything else has to fit in around that, and it is a challenge sometimes.

    – What do you wish you had more time for?

    Creating things, whether writing, drawing, painting, sculpting or whatever. I never seem to find the time to do all the projects I have in the back of my mind.

    – Do you get any “down time”? How do you use it?

    Not so much, these days. I spend whatever left over time I have to read, use social media, blog, or fit in some more work on whatever my most pressing project is.

    – Do you have any form of time management system (schedules, agendas, or the like)?

    No, but I really should look into it.

    – What do you do with your few odd minutes in-between?

    I usually log into social media to network, catch up with friends, and read up on whatever news or topics seem interesting.

    – What do you do that makes you smile?

    Play with my son, take a walk in nature, meet with friends. I try to focus on the small, simple pleasures in life to keep a smile on my face 🙂


    1. Your comment reminds me of an analogy – of fitting rocks, pebbles, sand and water into a jar – that a teacher encouraged us with just this past week. If we fill the jar with the big rocks first – which represent the most important things in life, such as God, family, other relationships health, etc. – then there will be space enough for the pebbles to fill in the gaps. These my be work and other responsibilities or projects. And though the jar may appear full, there will still be room enough for the sand and water; the chores and other little things in life that we can’t neglect but are less valuable. Perhaps you’ve heard of this analogy before.

      It’s lovely that your son makes you smile. 🙂 Have a great day!

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