(Discuss) Which Is Your Fondest Memory?

I was talking with a dear friend of mine this week about memories. In doing so, I realized how much good conversation potential surrounds the topic. Let’s talk!

What’s your most special memory?

What season of life do you look back on with most fondness?

What lesson did you learn during that season?

Do you like to take photos to “capture” memories (or do you know anyone who does)?

Here’s a chance to get to know me and your fellow readers. Here’s a chance for us to get to know you.

We can’t live in the past or the future, but it’s good to look back on God’s faithfulness.

10 thoughts on “(Discuss) Which Is Your Fondest Memory?

  1. I find that I can look back on most seasons of my life with fondness. However, the one that stands out to me above the others is two months which I spent volunteering overseas. The twist is that while I was away, my family also built many precious memories that they still recall with endearment two years later. I can’t share these memories with them in the same way as if I’d been there, and they can’t share mine. Even so, the lessons that God taught me through this season are invaluable, and He clearly wanted me there.

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    1. We must have posted at exactly the same time because I didn’t see this until after my post below. I think it’s awesome that you spent time overseas volunteering. My Uncle does extensive volunteer work through their church and I almost went with him once to the Ria Nigra River In Brazil. I missed out on swimming with the dolphins there, some very large spiders, and on building a much needed school. I regret that I was unable to go and still think of what it would have been like to be able to dedicate a month of my life to such an awesome task.

      I’d love to hear more about your volunteering πŸ™‚


      1. Hi Michelle!

        Precious memories. The right friend or group or friends makes a big difference, doesn’t it?! I hope you’ll find the right people who will know how to build you up. Brazil is a place that I would love to visit – or Peru, maybe. The adventure of the jungle appeals to me. πŸ™‚

        There’s really nothing extraordinary about my volunteer trip. I simply spent two months at a Bible school in Japan – washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms and babysitting. I believe that the fondness of my memories comes from the work that God was doing in my life, as well as the people who were a part of that.

        As far as your comment on timing, I really had done nothing to plan it. It must have been God. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Hi Jordy!

    Thanks for taking me back to some very special times in my life. Besides the birth of my daughter, one of the most special times in my life was 1998. I was in college then and also working full time as a bartender to make the bills. Bug, my daughter was just starting school and I was busy studying art and physics. I learned so much this year and was a part of painting a large mural at my college that represented the relationship between art and physics. I was blessed with my friends and made some wonderful new friendships as well. I also was able to take my mother, sister, and best friend on a trip to Mexico where we had an amazing adventure that I will never forget.

    I have found myself wishing lately for a repeat of some of those experiences as of late. I would so cherish some time spent with dear friends. Unfortunately my life is now mostly dedicated to my work and my daughter has moved away to college. I have been seriously considering some action I could take to find a new tribe of friends to experience some fun and memorable times with. That’s what I’ve been praying for lately, a new tribe.

    I have high hopes, my memories remind me that you’re never really alone. So I’m keeping the faith.

    Thanks for this post that stirs up so much emotion for me, you have great timing πŸ™‚

    What are your fondest memories???


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  3. I think I have far to many precious memories to really narrow it down well. Looking at each one though I can see that each revolves around people…mostly my children and husband but also friends. We have been to some specail places together but in the end the places are not what makes the memories but the people we share them with. However now and then there is just one special memory that is just between God and I. Those are again because a relationship and not really just the place.

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  4. Hi,
    I am blessed to have many very fond memories. Most of them include being with people that I love ad cherish. Like, when I volunteer at a camp for a summer, went on a road trip with my family or wen to youth mission trips.
    All times in my life are full of amazing memories but It would have to be the four years that we lived in Canada that are the most full of amazing people and time.
    Through those people I learnt many things. I learnt what it truly meant to trust and be a good friend and how to recognise it in other people. God taught me that through everything he is with me and that there will always be people who love and support me in my life. He also taught be that I am truly blessed.
    What lesson did you learn during that season?


  5. To say that you’re truly blessed and to understand it in your heart are two very different things. It’s very special that God taught you such an important lesson. Thanks for your thoughts, Darcy. πŸ™‚


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