(Discuss) How Do You Feel About the Orlando Shooting?

Again and again, we hear horrific stories that remind us that the world has been broken by sin. The shooting in Orlando this week is another such instance. How has it left you feeling?

Does it affect the way you see sin? The stability of life?

How should we respond to this tragedy?

How can we comfort others (and ourselves) with truths from the Bible?

How does God fit into this?

Here’s a chance to get to know me and your fellow readers. Here’s a chance for us to get to know you.

My condolences to anyone reading this who has been directly affected by the shooting in Orlando.

4 thoughts on “(Discuss) How Do You Feel About the Orlando Shooting?

  1. I wasn’t directly affected by the shooting in the sense that I don’t personally know anyone involved. But simply hearing the news reminds me of how fleeting and fragile life is, and how much I am *not* in control of.

    This morning I read Psalm 46, and skimming back through it just now, I realize how relevant it is to the shooting. It talks about disasters – both natural and manmade. Verse 6 says, “The nations are in chaos, and their kingdoms crumble!” That’s what the shootings are: chaos! Yet throughout the psalm, there is a theme of God being our fortress and refuge. What need would we have for a shelter if there was nothing to be sheltered from? But there are plenty of things to be sheltered from in this shattered world, and God *is* the fortress to which we can run.

    Just some of my thoughts…


  2. I have been able to see through this tragedy that many christians are there helping and making a difference in the lives of people that come from very different backgrounds then themselves. It has been clear to see that many of those who do not agree with the lifestyles that the victums choose do not judge them but love them and are there for them in this dark hour. I pray that the gay community will see that even though how they have chosen to life is against God’s plan for their lives we all sin and make bad choices. We do not judge others but help where we can and do not reject the people that are just trying to survive in this messed up world. We do not agree with them but we can still love them and reach out to them.

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    1. “We do not agree with them but we can still love them and reach out to them.” – This may be hard for many people to understand, but it’s very true. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I find it sad that so many sinners died without a last opportunity to salvation. Their sin was not the unpardonnable sin. Given time, they might have found our saviour. We will never know.

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