Ghost Stories: Are they Bad?

Jane bit her lip as one of her friends delivered the punchline of another scary story. Everyone screamed. Jane jumped out of her bedsheets. The fear was thrilling, and that’s what she liked about nights like these.

“Hey girls,” she sighed at last, “it’s getting late. Why don’t we go to sleep now.”

They all murmured in agreement and settled under the covers. The room grew silent, and frightening images filled her mind. Jane refused to move a muscle. She was too terrified to close her eyes.

What’s the big deal about ghost stories?

What does God think about Jane listening to these ghost stories?

Does He approve? …Disapprove? Is He mad at her? Let me put the question another way: These scary stories; are they the best that God has for Jane? In fact, this is the perfect place to stop and remember an important truth.

God wants the best for us.

If you don’t believe in the work of His Son, Jesus, He wants you to know the truth, to believe and to be saved:

This is good and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

– 1 Timothy 2:4-5

In context, the writer is encouraging his readers to pray for all people because… God wants them saved.

And, if you do believe in the work of His Son, Jesus, He wants you to be rooted and established in love:

[…] And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge – that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

– Ephesians 3:17-19

That’s a lot of love-talk, especially for a blog post about ghost stories. In fact, that’s just the point I was coming to:

Fear and love have nothing to do with each other

They’re opposites.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

– 1 John 4:18

God doesn’t want you to be rooted and established in fear. If you are God’s child, He wants you to be rooted and established in love. And if you are not His child, He wants you to become one and then be rooted and established in love.

So let me ask the question again? What does God think about Jane (or anyone!) listening to ghost stories?

How would you answer?

  • If you could connect the final dots and sum up the blog post, what would you say?
  • What would you tell Jane if you met her in town?
  • Jane found the fear thrilling. Can you relate? How can you get a thrill without forfeiting God’s best for you?

9 thoughts on “Ghost Stories: Are they Bad?

  1. Hi Jordy, your post makes me curious. What if your ghost story or story of the paranormal, is true. Does God want you to let that fester inside of you, or let it out into the open? Sometimes people share these experiences because it makes them feel better, like they are not crazy, and are not alone. I think telling these stories is a good thing, therapeutic even. Although I do understand that God only wants the best for us, I can’t see him frowning on sharing our experiences.


    1. Hi Michelle,

      I 100% agree with you that sometimes people truly do have paranormal experiences. Satan and his demons are certainly real and they want to stir up doubt and fear in as many people as they can. You see, they know they’re going to Hell, and they want to drag as many people down there with them as they can.

      As for whether or not these experiences should be shared, I believe that yes, they should, but in a very sensible way. The person who had the experience should consider very carefully who they tell. They should seek out a wise ear who has a solid grasp of God’s Word and can build them up in love instead of someone to whom they can simply spread the fear.

      Thank you so much for dropping by and asking an honest question about these very real and controversial experiences.

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      1. Thanks Jordy, but not all people who have paranormal experiences would say that they are negative. Some experiences involve loved ones who help bring closure to their passing or they shed light on something that has that live person in turmoil, improving their quality of life.

        I believe that, regardless of the kind of paranormal event being experienced, that succumbing to fear is a very bad thing. Succumbing to fear is dangerous, not only does it lead to pain and suffering, but it can get you physically harmed as well. Anyone experiencing a negative paranormal event should seek help from a qualified professional to make it stop, regardless of their faith.

        As far as sharing or telling stories, I think it’s harmless and serves a positive purpose. Some stories we hear warn us to keep away from danger or let us know ways to protect ourselves should we need to. They help us to better know how to handle a given situation, should it happen to us. And, they serve as entertainment which often free’s us from being lost in our own minds, which can be a very negative thing. They bring us closer together, we bond through relating to another’s feelings or experience. It is only people with a weak state of mind that succumb to fear, like very young children. We learn as we grow how to digest information that comes to us so that it serves us in the most positive way. It is our natural state of being to reason or rationalize ourselves away from fear. I think that communication through storytelling is a positive thing, it enlightens and entertains people, and they gain from that experience. We should always carry with us a strong sense of faith because it helps guide us in our reasoning.


  2. Hey there, Michelle,

    I agree with you that not all paranormal experiences are negative. There are angels too, as well as demons. Do you believe in the presence of angels in this world?

    As far as I can tell, one of the key differences in what we believe is that you say that the souls of deceased people can/do remain on earth and can be experienced – to one degree or another – by those of us still living. Correct? Founding my beliefs on the Bible, I don’t agree with this. I’ve included the URL of an article that does a wonderful job at explaining clearly what the Bible has to say on the matter. But in short, human souls can’t stay on earth after their bodies die. However, it’s in the nature of demons to deceive, and they may do this by appearing as the soul of a deceased human. It doesn’t matter if their appearance isn’t downright terrifying. It may, in fact, appear harmless or even helpful, just as you’ve suggested. But as long as the demon is distracting the person from God, then it’s achieving its goal.

    As for the sharing of ghost stories, they should be shared for the purpose of seeking Godly counsel, not for entertainment (as Jane and her friends were doing). This article was focusing on the sharing of fiction ghost stories that were made up for the sake of experiencing fear. This isn’t God’s best for our lives. Most of the time, we don’t even understand how much better God’s plan for us is than our own. Perhaps our minds will try to rationalize away from fear, but it also has an impact on our hearts.

    All the points you bring up are very interesting! I feel like I could write half a dozen or more articles on this topic. All in good time, right? 😉 Anyway, here’s the URL to the article I mentioned above:

    Enjoy! 🙂

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  3. Hi Jordy,

    I appreciate your insight and thank you for the link. I think we all search for answers to our own salvation but that not all of us are willing to bend to the christian faith or take great stock in the bible. Through years of study I have come to my own conclusions about God/religion and honestly am quite content that I am not a bad person or a sinner just because I don’t embrace the bible. I rely on my faith much the same as you do and find great comfort in it as well. I don’t practice any known faith, I am non-denominational. I believe that religions were created by greedy men in search of power, control, and wealth. I believe that these religions that were designed by men are not the foundation of truth, but a well spun web of fables borrowed mainly from other cultures and belief systems for the purpose of controlling the masses and obtaining exalted positions of power and domination. I don’t wish to be a part of or a practitioner of that sort of lie. But that’s just my opinion.

    Please believe that I respect your beliefs and will never try to make you believe anything different. I appreciate your faith and devotion and find it inspiring. I’m sorry if I’ve offended you. I think it’s fair for people to have there own ideas about things and I’m in no place to judge them nor should I. I think it’s a positive thing to have faith in God and to practice enlightenment.

    You spoke about sharing ghost stories for the purpose of Godly council. Well that’s exactly what I believe I’m doing. I am currently in the process of writing a story, as you know, that involves ghosts. I feel horrible that I will probably offend you with it because it goes against your structured belief system. I started writing my story because of some experiences I have had throughout my life and it was a way of working through them. I also wanted to express some ideas about the after-life that make sense to me and I thought might inspire other people on their path of seeking. At the same time I am hoping to embrace some ideas from different cultures and belief systems regarding the paranormal and supernatural. I am shying away from referring to organized religion as much as possible because I don’t believe that there are only Angels and Demons that interact with our plane of existence, I believe it’s much more complicated than that and I’m exploring it through my writing because I unfortunately believe that someone such as a priest will only force their faith upon me rather than offer the enlightenment of truth that I’m seeking.

    This is a very touchy subject and no doubt I will offend some people along the way. I just hope that any reader’s, you included, will take my story as it is…a young girls journey to finding her tribe, her family…because her closest blood ties are not much of a family at all. I hope that I address the subject of fear and how it can be overcome throughout my story. I also hope that people who relate to my protagonist can find strength in her as she grows up throughout the series. And I hope my story scares people, because it is meant to. Not everything in this world is sunshine and roses, no matter how much faith you have in what. I intend to frighten my reader’s and show them how my protagonist manages her fear in a positive way. Most of my story is just fantasy and adventure wrapped around a young conflicted girl looking for a place and a people to call home.

    I think you should definately write more articles on the subject if you feel compelled to, And you are perfectly allowed to disagree with anything I have to say. I just hope you know how much I appreciate our friendship and how much I admire you. I’ll always keep up to date on your blog 🙂


    1. Hey Michelle,

      Yes, I do agree that not everyone is going to agree with the Bible and that everyone will respond differently to the things I write according to their own system of beliefs. In one sense, I think that that’s just how God wanted it to be. What I mean is that though He does indeed desire for people to know the life-giving truth, He also gave people free will for a reason. He wants those who choose Him to do so because they love Him, not because they feel forced. That’s what I earnestly believe. You may agree with some points, or with none at all, and as far as I’m concerned that’s okay! I share what I believe because I feel like it is both a responsibility and a joy and perhaps some people’s lives will be beautifully touched by it.

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