Can Satan Read My Mind?

She leant back against a tree trunk, hugging her knees to her chest. She let her head loll back and a tear trickled down her cheek. She stared blankly at the fluttering leaves overhead while a war waged inside her mind. A breeze teased the tips of her hair. She felt so fragile.

I wonder how God feels about my doubts. And Satan… he must be so pleased by these thoughts of mine.

Wait a minute! Hold it right there. Can Satan read our minds?

Can the devil see our thoughts?

God alone…

Listen to the enlightening words prayed by Solomon, a king of Israel known for his wisdom:

[…] Forgive and act; deal with everyone according to all they do since you [God] know their hearts (for you alone know every human heart)

– 1 Kings 8:39

God alone knows every human heart. God alone… At first glance, it might appear that this verse serves only to distinguish God from man. But the word “alone” puts away any doubt that God is set apart as the only one who can literally know what we’re thinking; set apart not only from humankind, but also from angels, demons and… Satan.

What else does the Bible have to say?

You perceive my thoughts from afar. […] Before a word is on my tongue you, LORD, know it completely.

– Psalm 139:2, 4

There are many verses throughout the Bible that talk about how God knows the human heart and mind; He knows what we’re thinking before we even say it. Jeremiah 17:10 says:

“I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, […]”

– Jeremiah 17:10

And 1 John 3:20 declares:

[…] God is greater than our hearts and he knows everything.

– 1 John 3:20

But what about the devil? What does the God’s Word have to say about him reading our thoughts? Perhaps the Bible’s lack of reference to the topic is one of the biggest indicators that he can’t. Only God is omniscient. Satan cannot read our minds.

What do you think?

Do you agree? Why? Disagree? Why? How do you understand these Bible verses?


4 thoughts on “Can Satan Read My Mind?

  1. What I have to say won’t be popular I’m sure and it’s nothing to worry about if you are persuaded to my view as God is the Only One Who Is All Powerful, so we can Trust that. Here’s how I take the verse in 1 Kings 8:39 and in a moment I will tell you why. It is a hard story that I will put as briefly as possible. I believe that the devil and his underlings can read minds, but cannot be in all places at once so that is limiting. While they can read minds they cannot read sincerity. They do not know if the thoughts of the mind are fleeting or stemming from the core of the person. i.e., the heart. Even so, as indicated God is our defender and protector.

    The reason for this belief is, as stated, a hard story and scary to some. It surely scared the heck out of me but Jesus Christ freed me. I used to be demonized. It was incredibly painful. My former occult ways and my former prescription drug misuse opened me to demons. It is controversial because even after by way of seeing and experiencing demons that tormented me and were more evil and grotesque than I could have imagined, I realized finally hell is real and knew in an instant that Jesus did die for my sins and rose again and only He could save me. I became saved, still it was a bit Job-like because I suffered greatly. Before that I thought I had no need of a savior, that hell was not real, and couldn’t comprehend that Jesus did die for my sins and rise again. The demons never got to the level of possessing me but did severely oppress me; possession implies ownership and God forbade it from the moment they entered. They entered the level of my mind and body, with great influences on my heart to, i.e., emotions. But there was a place in my heart void and open for God, in the innermost of me, then when I was saved that place was sealed and Jesus went through those torments with me. Now I am free of the devils, no longer being oppressed and God continues to show me His grace and love that back then the devils didn’t allow me to experience much but I had hope and deep down I had a knowing that God loved me, masked by torments so I had little awareness of it apart from momentary glimpses. I too, knew God was going to do good with what I had to go through. I knew that from the moment the demons entered. From that moment I cried out to God and He made it very clear that I would get through the experience and He used it to save me. Anyway, back then I would have thoughts and the demons would respond to my thoughts very specifically and time after time. I also sensed they could not understand things like faith, love, and sincerity thus they had no understanding of my heart. It was like they were cut off from God’s light, thus could no longer comprehend anything good. Yet, I believe even when dealing with unregenerate people, still the demons cannot fully comprehend the very core of those people. They can only guess at it. So as for any mind reading I believe they can do, it is superficial in its level, never comprehending the heart or core of the person, also as indicated.


    1. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Shay. 🙂 And many times the truth isn’t popular. I won’t reject what you say based on popularity and I hope that others won’t either. Actually, you make me really stop and think. I based my claim that Satan and the evil spirits can’t read our minds on that verse, 1 Kings 8:39. But that verse doesn’t actually mention the mind or thoughts. Perhaps I was too quick to make a connection that doesn’t actually exist.

      Also, I’ve never had an experience or gone through a season quite like you described – being demonized, to name it what it is. For that reason, you have more to bring to the table than I do, regarding open discussion about whether the devils can read our minds. But theology aside, on a human level I’m sorry for the hardships you faced. I don’t claim to know how painful your experience must have been; I can only imagine. I think it’s beautiful that you see how God used it to reveal Himself to you in another way. And perhaps you can relate to people going through the same thing – people with whom not many others can or are willing to relate. Perhaps you already have?

      Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your story, hard though it may be.


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