After Christmas

Christmas day: gone.

It’s Boxing Day now and people are already looking forward to the New Year. We make lists of resolutions and take advantage of fresh beginnings. Life goes on. We live from one event to the next.

Some people might not even give so much as a thought towards Jesus Christ until next Christmas comes around. I want to encourage you not to be among those people. Start (or continue in) a living, exciting, year-long relationship with Him.

How do you do that… practically speaking? Here are three essentials:

As soon as Christmas is over, the world turns to embrace Boxing Day and the New Year. Will you pause a moment?

#1: Start the relationship

First thing’s first. As you’ll see in the essentials #2 and #3, Jesus wants to spend a whole lot of time with you. So if you’re really serious; if you really want Him to be more than a Christmas tradition in your life, then you’ll want to start off well with Him.

This is an important milestone in your life, and it will only happen once. Make it memorable. Be intentional about starting this relationship. Speak directly to God. I highly recommend saying the words out loud. It helps me keep my mind from wondering.

#2: Begin every day with Jesus

Let me put it this way: Jesus isn’t a festive to be pulled out of a dusty box along with the Christmas tree one time a year. He wants to be the drive of your everyday life.

So… spend time with Him every single day. Mornings are an excellent time to meet with Him because it means you start the day with His perspective, which will come in handy throughout the day.

#3: Walk through the day with Jesus

Not only does Jesus not want to be a once-a-year tradition, he also doesn’t want to be a once-a-day tradition. Christianity is not drab and dry. It’s not a religion; it’s a relationship. Remember that Jesus is the Sovereign Lord of the universe. An encounter with such a person should leave a lasting mark on the rest of your day.

Throughout the day, look for applications; ways in which you can practically apply the things that you learned while spending time with Jesus that morning. Memorize portions of the Bible, not because you have to, but because (as you’ll discover) it’s truly enriching.

If you could add essential #4 to my list, what would it be?


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