The Clichéd “Reason for the Season”

It’s that time of the year again. We’re told to “remember the Reason for the season“, and perhaps – since it sounds so catchy – we ourselves remind our friends and family to do the same. What’s this famous “Reason”? The answer lies in another clichéd phrase: “Jesus is the best Christmas gift” – or some variation.

STOP. These phrases may be overused, but take some time to think about what they mean.

It rhymes and it sounds noble… but what does it mean?

Remember the Reason for the season

I capitalized the “R” in Reason on purpose. It refers to a person and He has a name. Indeed, Jesus is the very reason why there is such a thing as Christmas. Santa Claus, Christmas trees and gift giving certainly aren’t bad in and of themselves, but it is wrong for us to cherish them more than the birth of Christ.

Take time to remember that God came to earth as a human child regardless of whether your house is decorated or you go to the interactive nativity. Take time to be intentionally thankful for His grace.

Jesus is the best Christmas gift

It goes without saying that many gifts are exchanged at this time of the year, perhaps in remembrance of the gifts that the Magi or “Wise Men” gave the child Jesus. But even greater than their gifts to Him, is his gift of salvation to them and to all mankind.

Jesus’ birth was the beginning of a work that God was doing; making a way for sinners to enter into a relationship with Him once more. That’s huge… really huge! The gifts that we give each other are material. One day they’ll break or rust or die. Not God’s gift to us.

These are realities

It’s hard not to use a bunch of clichés when writing about the true meaning of Christmas. But I hope that you’ll take my point to heart. Stop and think, this year. Don’t just dismiss all the well-meant clichés. If you haven’t read it already, you might enjoy this ten-minute work of fiction which is based on the true story of the first Christmas.

What makes it hardest for you to remember and celebrate Jesus as the Reason?


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