Hi there, truth-seeker, soul-searcher, reader, thinker or whoever you are. I love connecting with people, and I want to extend to you a warm welcome here.

You’re on a quest for the real-deal truth

Where we came from. The meaning of life. Where we’re going. Your parents tell you one thing. Your teachers tell you something else. And your peers? Thier story is different again.

You’ve searched for answers from everything you can see and touch, and you believe that there may well be a spiritual realm. Really, you just want to cut the chase and get to the bottom of ultimate, objective, capital-T Truth.

Without meaning to put you off reading any further, I don’t have half the answers. But I personally know the One who does. My connection with Him drives me to write suspense novels that promote the Truth.

As a writer, my mission is to be a vessel yielded to God for His use. No matter what, He is glorious. May my words testify to that. I hope my writing will quench your desire for compelling fiction while nourishing your soul with wholesome truth.

What now?

If it would please you, hang around a bit. Explore the various pages. Read what I write on my blog. Join in a conversation in the comments section. This isn’t a big website; I hope you’ll feel comfortable quickly.

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Happy reading, happy searching and may God bless you on your quest for the Truth.